1. A

    Missing 8400 ARX

    Hello, I recently purchased the Xbox version of ED, then an hour later, bought the Horizons pack, which advertised 8400 free ARX. Having tried it last night, I notice that I have a balance of 22 ARX and that's all. Can anyone advise? Thanks in advance.
  2. lord_lethris

    XboxOne Default Controler Binds for PC Version

    I have re-created the XBoxOne Binds for those peeps who play on the PC with an Xbox Control Pad (or any control pad with the same button layout) so that you don't have to :) - It's as accurate as I can get it. Download, extract, and copy this file to: [GAME INSTALLATION...
  3. Sloan4Prez

    Joignez-vous a une des plus entreprenantes factions [XBONE]

    Leviathan Scout Regiment Accueille les pilotes de tous niveaux de compétence et se spécialisant dans tous les aspects du jeu. Nous sommes une communauté principalement XBOX ONE, opérante en grande partie dans les fuseaux EST/MST/PST. Nos membres, ainsi que notre Conseil Militaire s'expriment...
  4. Z

    General / Off-Topic Xbox One X or PS4 Pro Specs

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