1. K

    View what the individual animals think/is currently doing

    There's a feature in most simulator games that will allow you the view what X and Y creature is currently doing or thinking. This feature is present is Jurassic World Evolution even, and I find it quite enjoyable when you can follow a creature with this feature. This may be opposed as a "less...
  2. Mealie

    Klein Tuin Zoo

    Welcome to Klein Tuin Zoo. This is a bit of a different zoo project. Instead of building a fully fledged modern zoo I plan to create the zoo progress updates showing the progression of the zoo from a private collection on an estate in the early 20th century up until the present day. Each update...
  3. 1

    Ability to make zoo maps?

    I think it would be a really cool and creative idea to add some kind of simple map making for our zoos! 1) I really think it would help to plan out our zoos beforehand (like a blue print). 2) More importantly I think they look awesome! 3) It adds to the in game realism and overall...
  4. S

    Zoo TV

    Since COVID-19 has shut down my local zoos, they have began uploaded videos and livestreams of the animal enclosures so people can still 'visit' the zoo while at home. Here is Taronga Zoo (Sydney and Western Plains, Australia) TV. You can see some of the habitats, backstage areas and watch...
  5. S

    Coaster in zoo, what you think?

    I know there is planet coaster to make an awesome park about attraction, but for me, normally in a big zoo. There’s every time a little section for a little water park and/or a little attraction park inside of a zoo. So I am asking if you have considering about add maybe water thing or like 1 or...
  6. S

    Coaster in zoo?

    I know there is planet coaster to make an awesome park about attraction, but for me, normally in a big zoo. There’s every time a little section for a little water park and/or a little attraction park inside of a zoo. So I am asking if you have considering about add maybe water thing or like 1 or...
  7. F

    Zooniverse Progress Thread

    Hey! Sort of like another user sdanwolf, I'm going to be posting all update pictures of my WIP zoo Zooniverse! The last picture is a full map of the zoo with every exhibit labeled! The only animals not labeled are the Goliath Beetle and Giant Tiger Land Snail exhibits, which are in the Plains...
  8. Lea_G

    Isla Animalia

    Hi fellow zookeepers, I have just declared my zoo "Isla Animalia" to be completed and would like to share this project with you now, since I've put all my heart into it. It has been grown organically in challenge mode since the beginning of January. I'm now in year 183 with all the species I...
  9. ThemeWorks

    Theme Zoo

  10. Jurre1

    The Palace Zoo

    Heyo everyone! Over the last half a year I've been hard at work on this 'Palace' Zoo project! It is heavily inspired by the Shönbrunn Tiergarten at the Shönbrunn Palace in Vienna. Inspired but not an exact recreation, because I felt that was a bit too restricting and time consuming. I'm also...
  11. td3000

    BUG? Transport Rides

    For some reason, guests completely ignore the transport ride options available in my Zoo. When the game was first released, I built a safari ride and it was fine, really popular, very busy. Since once of the patch’s, guests will not go on anything. In my current zoo I have a jeep safari, a...
  12. S

    Disney inspire Casey Jr Station entrance

    Took forever but been working on this Disney park inspired entrance https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1920489243
  13. aim_foliksta

    Barcelona Zoo buildings

    As soon as I knew that we were able to build our own buildings on this game, the first thing I wanted to recreate are different buildings from my local zoo. I tried to build something during the beta but without any success, but now I tried again and finally I have been able to create something...
  14. Vigoga_97

    Naturoscope, by Vigoga

    Welcome to Naturoscope, Nature up close... Located on the outskirts of the town of Poitiers, in central France, Naturoscope was born with the aim of becoming a reference for a new zoo model according to the 21st century. The maximum expressions of contemporary architecture are blurred in a...
  15. Zekin

    🐾Beryl Zoo🐾

    Welcome to Beryl Zoo...🙃 Check out my ➡ youtube channel for updates!
  16. X

    Timber Wildlife Park

    Yeah, this is what happens when you give me access to a zoo game. I don't make zoos, I make wildlife parks. And this is the result:
  17. A

    Planet Zoo: A Comprehensive Guide

    So you didn't do the tutorial-- or maybe you did and you just missed something. Regardless, here is everything you need to make and manage a zoo that can keep animals and guests happy while creating a conservation effort. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1910776223
  18. JoshSA92

    No Turtle Signage

    After browsing through the animal shaped signs, the one animal I need doesn't even appear to exist as a sign, which is either a Turtle or Tortoise. Any chance for this to be placed in the game as it'll go with my Hawaiian themed Zoo?
  19. P

    Keeper isn't feeding animals

    The keeper isn't doing anything, he has his own Keeper room already and his habitat, but he just let the animals die instead of feeding them.. In every single new zoo that in building, there is every time the same bug.. Great game! Is there any fix for this? This is extremely gamebreaking and...
  20. Joël

    Community Meeting Safaripark Beekse Bergen 2019

    Hayo fellow zookeepers! I am aware that this announcement is very late and doesn't give much time to join in, but I wanted to share it anyway to give anyone the opportunity to join if they are able to. On Sunday 13 October we are going to have a Community Meeting with fellow Planet Zoo players...
  21. A

    Future update (dlc) to make an full aqua zoo

    There is not much to say, just a full aqua zoo with all animals and new fences or whatever :)
  22. perafilozof

    While we wait, let's play a pickup game in our Zoo

    To pass the time until beta, and to keep our gameplay mechanics knowledge sharp(I hope you read all the dev blogs), let's play a pickup game of Planet Zoo, forum style. Here is how it works: I will, as the OP start, by defining the starting Zoo conditions, backstory, characters, animals...
  23. Jessiy

    Allow Animals to kill other animals and fight

    if going for a realistic game, please add these features in. You have herds, please add Alpha's / Leaders. Animals fight <--- either for territory or dominance, if you have a wolf pack for example, if the alpha gets old, its more likely that a younger wolf will challenge it to become an alpha...
  24. C

    Animal wishlist + 2 theme scenery ideas

    A few animals in the game + a scenery / theme idea that the devs might like. This is a long post, bear with me. Animals Here's a few animals that would fit rather well in the game. I don't think they're anything like the ones that have been shown so far, they're pretty distinct. They're also...
  25. Ciro

    Well, maybe this is the reason why JWE is so forgotten.

    Planet Zoo "Build a world for wildlife in Planet Zoo, coming to PC in Fall 2019. From the creators of Planet Coaster and Zoo Tycoon comes the ultimate zoo sim, featuring authentic living animals who think, feel and explore the world you create around them. Experience a globe-trotting campaign...
  26. GonerMcGoner

    Juvenile dinosaurs

    An idea I had for incorporating juvenile dinosaurs in the game (This is not a wishlist thread, Lora. It's a discussion. Please don't close it.): First of all, cancel ageing. Really, it makes little sense that one of your dinosaurs dies at 106 years after a few hours of gameplay, but the park...
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