100% Proof Planets have lost their colour. [UPDATED with official Dev reason and plan to improve]

UPDATE 2: I just wanted to bring this back to the top. There have been a number of threads over the past few weeks, with people still under the false assumption that beige planets are an intentional change, and that this change was made for realism. Frontier have confirmed that neither of these assumptions are actually true. In a future update, planets will be gaining a vaster colour variation, and we will start seeing far less beige worlds. Beige was an unintended change. It is not want Frontier wanted, and it is not realistic. It's also possible that we will see a return on more varied planetary geometry. Here is the post from Michael Brookes with the relevant information:

My apologies for not responding sooner, this issue has been on my list to chase up for a while. The reason for the difference being observed on the rocky worlds is the change to the new material system - in theory this is more accurate as it uses the chemical properties to determine the colour (obviously I'm simplifying a bit here!), however the problem is that those colours were based on Earth standard colouration for those materials, and most of those are beige/brown rather than the colours you might observe in the myriad of other possible conditions. We're currently working on a more flexible material system, and this will necessitate a fresh balance pass on these. That's not going to be in 2.3 though.



You can see further developer comments on this issue below. :)

UPDATE: Please see comments on this issue from Michael Brookes and Anthony Ross here:



Please first watch this very short video before reading the rest of the post. This provides both proof and explanation on the situation:



As of Patch 2.2 many players noticed that vast numbers of the worlds throughout the galaxy had been changed. Where once the worlds had a variety of colours, from greys, to whites to greens - they are now all variations on the colour brown. Players have come to call this the beigeification of the galaxy.

It is true that Ice Worlds still have huge colour variation. Many rocky worlds also can be found in yellows and reds. This change primarily affects metal content worlds. However the moons in this video are rocky worlds, and so are proof the change is not just limited to metal worlds.

For further information and evidence please see the following forum threads:



And to Frontier: The exploration community as a whole - (and I suspect much of the wider playerbase), would greatly appreciate an official response on this issue. It is something which has caused quite a lot of discussion both here on the forums, as well as in the general community.

A few words explaining what has happened, and if we could perhaps see a return to the original planetary colour variations (and if possible, what this means for the future of these landable planets) truly would mean a huge amount.

As another example, this is a metal content planet from v2.0 of the game. It is now very hard to find this type of geology on metal worlds. Please see Erimus' post for further details on changes on planetary geometry:


Planet location is: PYROOMEE LH-R C6-11 B 2

Further examples from Erimus of planetary geology that can no longer be found in the game:


Erimus' Post: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showt...ease-respond?p=5171601&viewfull=1#post5171601

EDIT: Just a general note here to say the video above is unlisted. This means it cannot be seen when browsing my channel, and does not go out to subscribers. It is intended for illustrative purposes to highlight and prove in-game changes. I just want to make it as clear as possible that this is not a case of me stirring up the muck, or demanding change. I'm just hoping for a bit of information and clarification. :)
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If I recall correctly, this started to happened when they tried to improve the lighting system wasn't it?
The updated effects seems to have really removed a lot of the vibrant planets indeed.

I'm not sure whether FD think it's a problem due to realism, and hence they tried keeping all the planets more true to the real world.
We the players are still in a game, flying around in the galaxy for sightseeing.
Besides, we do have the cockpit windows which auto-adjust our outside view anyway (polaroid effect), it wouldn't hurt if it is allowed to ramp up the vibrancy.

Old Orrere in video: Wallpaper instahit
New Orrere in video: ... sorry, not cutting it.

With the new Camera in 2.3, people who's going to tweet & tube Elite Dangerous would appreciate a bit more of the Wallpaper-quality backdrops.
Certainly, we don't want a cascade of beige tweets, do we?

Please, FD bring back the vibrant planets. I can't take any more *beige* :(
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I wish you luck Obsidian Ant. I've been trying to get some very simple basic acknowledgement from anyone at Frontier for a much more minor and easily fixable issue for the last 4.5 months!


Maybe a well known name like you might have more luck in obtaining basic levels of human communication from Frontier; something that is progressively looking like squeezing blood from a stone.

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I sense another obsidian ant video coming up, i might suggest covering UA bombing instead its bound to get an audience reaction

You might notice that this beige world video is actually unlisted (which means it won't go out to subscribers). It's not about getting an audience reaction... :)
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I thought they had replied on this issue - that it's down to realism and they don't consider it an issue they want to fix.
I thought they had replied on this issue - that it's down to realism and they don't consider it an issue they want to fix.

It's not real today either.
They just need to understand that the polaroid-filter in the cockpit glass (and camera), which is the ingame mechanics, can justify why they bring it back vs 'realistic' looks.
It already takes care of the Star-brightness & contrast when near a star.
Or the planet dark-side where it ramps up the gamma.
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I Want to go out into the Black & see things but if every planet i see looks the same i have no reason to fly down & have a look around
tobe honest its why i gave up looking for the ruins i could not take stairing at the planet any more been so uniform in color felt like i was going beige blind
FDEV plz listen to the man, he brought many of us here (including me)!

Cheers Obsidian Ant for that great content u make, its always a pleasure to watch!!
Thank-you for keeping up the campaign to get something done for those of us who don't spend our game time time just shooting stuff. Come on Frontier, at least tell us you've looked into the issue... Please!
This is the only thing I don't blame TJ for ;)
Did you not already bring this up?

And did not Michael Brooks respond and say they were looking at it?

I don't think it's the sort of fix you do on a daily update. If they said they are looking at it, then I would assume they are looking at it, but would not expect a fix until 2.3.
It's not real today either.
They just need to understand that the polaroid-filter in the cockpit glass (and camera), which is the ingame mechanics, can resolve that.
It already takes care of the Star-brightness & contrast when near a star.
Or the planet dark-side where it ramps up the gamma.
I meant the beige planets, not the gamma shifts on darksides.
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