This turned up randomly on my viewing list.


It's certainly worth a view, and that hardware might be worth a look into - but the poor guy utterly misses the entire point of multihoming. And has forgotten (or never experienced) the delights of WINOF and Win10.

And has never burned firmware, judging by those atrocious rates.
*eyes the Cat-5 (not "e") cabling running all over the house and some management requirements*

Yeah, I think I'll stick to GBE for now :D
Cat-5 is 100mbps.

I have Cat-6ed my home, with plug-socket adapters. It works well, but the entry to my loft area was designed for midgets and my shoulders are too wide for me to get through. Fortunately, my father in law is quite a bit smaller than me!
Over short enough runs of maybe 30-ish metres Cat-5 F/UTP still works for GBE, even though it goes through old sockets with screw terminals (never again!) and DIY patch cables from the same stock. Replacing that installation would require ripping out ceilings, so it has to do. For a few new runs I've been using Cat-6.
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