[ALLIANCE] 128th Recon Now recruiting

We're a small group looking to expand, currently a multi-game group. The name 128th Recon comes from my lucky number, and the fact that the name can be lent to almost any group/game.
We tend to prefer semi roleplay and co-op, though do PVP on occasion. In Elite Dangerous we have chosen to align with the Alliance as a Small recon element achieving various set goals.

If you are interested in joining a small semi-casual group, please do message me.

Country of Origin/Language: UK&Canada, English.
Good evening, ingame name Malc2. I recently left my 1st squadron as I was mostly only one active. I have been playing for nearly 2 years now., have gleaned a rudimentary knowledge of the game. Made a few credits, have a few ships, play most evenings, uk based. I am not sure if politicaly correct but.. I have a wife and a life, am an older [as in oap] player. I do not have voice as "er indoors" does not allow headphones .. :). I came to Elite Frontier after 12 years on eveonline. Looking to join a squadron as playing alone is a rather boring. I am prepared to help out as necessary, have no leadership ambitions.
Hi Malc, I'm the youngest of the squadron currently at 37 so... That's fine, I too have a wife and kids, and this is why I consider the squadron semi-casual! We do have a discord which includes chat and information posts and do not consider voice an absolute necessity. (Unless we are fighting something like a Hydra, but i'm the only pilot in the group with Interceptor kills so far I think).

I can send you a friend request in game!
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