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1m x 1m building grid


All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected

I accidently obtained a 1m x 1m building grid by adding the "Thatch Roof Round Tower Cap". In the UI, you can only choose between the grid sizes "4m x 4m" and "2m x 2m" grids. The 1m x 1m grid is hidden. When obtained it won't show the corresponding size in the UI, only in the park. So I suppose this isn't intended?

A 2m x 2m grid should be brought by this particular roof piece as all other smaller pieces.

Would however be cool if this 1m x 1m grid become official.

Steps to Reproduce
It can be obtained by adding a "Thatch Roof Round Tower Cap".
Place it on you building grid.
Not a bug.
It's a feature.
Frontier: do not fix this important capability. But do feel free to add it officially.
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Frontier QA Team
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Thanks for the report. I've written it up and passed it on for further consideration. As mentioned, it's been in there for a while so I've added a note mentioning it would be preferable to add this to the UI functionality rather than removing the ability completely! [happy]
1m x 1m grid is very great [up]

the 1m x1m grid pieces that create 1m+1m grid have helped me ut to build very much bether buildings .:) Hope for Frontier will add more 1m pieces for all the buildings sets.
Specialy coaster buildings and queue buildings is more easy to build. I like much beatter to biuld now than before.

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