[INDEPENDENT] 1st Enclave Rangers now recruiting

Type of Group : BGS & General Gameplay
>>Discord Link<<

With ED Odyssey's release, it has become clear of the importance of organized, focussed BGS ground forces to complement existing space forces. We offer the opportunity to existing BGS communities to make use of our community to further their BGS goals, especially when player resources are scarce.

If you are looking for a close-knit growing community to experience Elite Dangerous, we are offering placement in our ranks. We enjoy all aspects of Elite and the community around which this game has grown.

We are happy to mentor new players as well as to harness the potential of experienced Pilot Federation members to achieve our group's objectives as a mercenary force and to carve out a unique niche of playstyle.

What we can offer successful candidates :

Community engagement

2) Knowledgeable leadership with a passionate interest in-game mechanics and general Elite lore

3) Opportunity to be part of community growth in the background simulation of Elite.

4) A unique blend of roleplay and realistic "Real life comes first" expectations

5) Regular wing/team-ups

Requirements :

Horizons and/or Odyssey character(s)

2) EU/US Timezone. English only voice comms

3) No affiliation with BGS communities that present a conflict of interest for 1st Enclave Rangers.

4) Be active at least semi-regularly

5) No false representations or discord loitering.

If you think you are the right fit for our group please join our discord and we will set up an interview to help you fully experience what Elite Dangerous has to offer with the 1ST ENCLAVE RANGERS.
>>Discord Link<<
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