[ALLIANCE] 1st TCTF Joint Squadron open recuitment

Member of Alliance Joint Navy

1st TCTF Joint Squadron ( 1st Terran Colonial Task Force) was formed in Eranin in 3305 as dedicated Task Force of several smaller Squadrons (301st TCEagles, 317th Scythers, 315th Majik Rats...) that came into Eranin to protect freedom and Alliance interests in this violent universe. Our faction Terran Colonial Forces has long and proud history of more than 10 years of existence and was one of first pmfs incorporated in Eranin system and this is where our story has began. We now proudly control several systems in near vicinity except Asellus Primus which is protected by Pilots Federation. Our aim is to help new commanders shorten their struggle to get to the level of being highly self sufficient pilots and protect all that say no to piracy. If you like to help new commanders or you are new and feel like you are flying lost without straight forward end goal you are more than welcome to come and join us, because together we will be even stronger and make future better place !

Our Squadron tag: TCTF
Systems we are present and in control: Eranin, Aulis, Morgor, BD+47 2112, LP 98-132

If you wish to play in group with focused objectives, become a billionare and enjoy roleplay orinted gameplay, you are welcome to visit us.
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We are proud to announce the several that 2 cmdrs have reached Elite status at their favourite activity:



And we are rich for 2 new pilots who joined 1st TCTF Joint Squadron:


The Alliance pilots are to be congratulated for their continued loyalty. Long live the Alliance and Terran Colonial Forces !
Congratulations to all Alliance groups working towards the te-taking of Gateway.

The PowerPlay headquarters of the Alliance is back in control.

Thank you to TCF and all Alliance groups.
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