ANNOUNCEMENT 2.2 Your Input Needed - Passenger Tourist Destinations

Michael Brookes

Game Director

Hi everyone!

We have the passenger gameplay coming as part of the 2.2 release, and there’s one aspect we’d like your input with. One of the reasons for passengers travelling is tourism, so we’re building a database of tourist locations in human space and beyond for the passengers to visit. We know that you’ve visited wonderful places and discovered some great sights, so we’re calling on you to post the place that you’d like to visit if you were a tourist.

To submit your suggestion you should provide the following information in a single post in this thread:

• Location name (this should include system name, body name and lat/long if the location is on the surface).​
• A screenshot of the view.​
• Your Commander name – this will be used as a location selected by, if it’s used.​

The entries selected will be included in game, although we may not use them all for the initial release.

This thread is for submissions only, please do not conduct discussion in this thread to make it easier for us to keep track of submissions.

If there are multiple submissions for the same location then we’ll attribute the Commander who first suggested the location in this thread.

Moderator edit (sorry Michael) : If you wish to discuss this thread in general, please here. There is a separate thread for general discussion about passenger missions here:

Edit: Feel free to include a travel guide suggestion with your submission - there won't be a separate thread for this.


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Mitterand Hollow / Epsilon Indi (exact surface location largely irrelevant since anywhere on the surface will do).

Courtesy of Cmdr Alec Turner

P.S. sorry, don't have a screenshot to hand

When this thread was originally posted it was stated that requests for write-ups of our chosen tourist destinations would be sent out later.

Since this has now been changed (and the original text of post #1 altered) I hope you won't mind me retrospectively adding some descriptive text.

Located in the Epsilon Indi system, Mitterand Hollow is one of the true wonders of the galaxy and an absolute "must see" for any budding tourist. It's a landable rocky world with an Earth relative gravity of 0.09G and a composition of 80% rock 20% metal, however what sets it apart from any other known planetary body is the fact that it orbits its parent water world of New Africa once every 80 seconds. Just landing on Mitterand Hollow is a challenge in itself and a real thrill ride for pilot and passenger alike. Indeed, its ferocious orbital speed has led to it being called "the moon that lands on you". Once safely on the surface the endless cycle of alternating night and day while the awe inspiring body of New Africa rolls majestically across the sky is something few will ever forget.

Whether you consider it to be an insult to the laws of physics, a freak of nature or final proof of the existence of god, Mitterand Hollow is unquestionably somewhere to be seen, even if it cannot be fully comprehended.

Cmdr Alec Turner
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Great idea, the first one is easy!

Mitterand Hollow - Epsilon Indi

I'm at work and don't have an image to hand, so have a video ;)

Cmdr Ozric

*Edit* damn you Alex :D I put my Cmdr name though, so it's mine :p
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The Betelgeuse 2 Sunlight Therapy center should totally be a thing. :cool:

Dermatologists all over the galaxy recommend the Center for it's abundance of therapeutic infrared and ultraviolet light. Patients seeking treatment can just bask and will notice any skin conditions recede in just a short stay.

The location at roughly 69.70 , 73.00 sits on a nice cliff with some beautiful views of the surrounding terrain. It has also been the location of Waypoint 3 of the Crab Nebula Expedition, and would also make a nice place of remembrance for all the brave pilots faceplanting their ships in the ground there. :D

CMDR Rebecca Lansing

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Spirograph Nebula. It's just a great little nebula.


Also, this planet in the Crescent Nebula. 'Cuz who doesn't love traveling 5,000LY? I'll hunt down the specific planet later.


Sorry for taking so long to update this. The second picture is from the surface of an ice planet, the location is CRESCENT SECTOR GW-W C1-10
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Shapley 1! No planetary landings, but the view of the Wolf-Rayet and surrounding Fine Ring Nebula is spectacular!


Barnacle sites in the Pleiades, for a spot of eco tourism
cmdr Monkey D Luffy
will trawl through record site and check for local systems with interesting record breaking planets to visit!
edit such as VY Canis Majoris the largest known star in the galaxy :D

Pic is from 10,000ly away, closest star is only 1ly away :D
cmdr Monkey D Luffy
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Maia. The blue sun and blue/green planet are a great view. Also a close BH. Pirates nest to give the tourists some excitement. Sorry, no picture from me. I'm nowhere near it. Someone else can make the submission.
Nice way to expand on the lore a bit. Please ensure that the official Elite books each get a spot or two. Also, of course, the three superpower capitals.
Oh, & surely the Maia system has to be a place worthy of space-tourism, or anywhere within the Plaedes Nebula. The High G World of Achenar 3 might also be a great place to take tourists....not for the view so much as the thrill of visiting a 6G planet :).

No pics to share for these though, sadly.
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