ANNOUNCEMENT 2.2 Your Input Needed - Passenger Tourist Destinations

Well this sucks. Revisiting the thread and, well:

Apologies if already posted - the thread is already getting too long to check so I assume FD will look for duplicate entries as they compile their database.

HD 148937 3 - landable planet with 9.77G.

Huge planet in a system with multiple stars, giving once-in-a-lifetime views. Definitely one for the adventure tourists. It's only about 1,000 LY outside the bubble, easy to reach and well within range for rescue missions should your pilot prove less than competent, although the high gravity makes it notoriously difficult to scrape whatever paste remains off the surface and pour it into a cargo canister for the return journey. So ask yourself... do you feel lucky?

View on approach for landing:

SRV excursions available for a small surcharge. Bring your own packed lunch.

Commander name is my forum name, although I really think credit should go to the first discoverer.

That was the post which resulted in me getting my name on the infamous 'Strong G' tourist beacon. As I said at the time, the thread was getting a bit long to check every entry when I made my post but I assumed FDev would check before setting up the beacons. I've just noticed that it was actually first suggested by Commander xdemetrios here:

on page five, two days before I suggested it. If possible I'd like the tourist beacon changed to credit him with suggesting it, as although I do quite like knowing that many Commanders have probably cursed my name as they tried to land on it I feel more than a little snide about stealing someone else's thunder. :(

I still spend about half my exploration time specifically looking for a higher G landable planet :D
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I'd suggest the first planet of the Skardee system... a metal-rich planet less than 2 ls from a yellow star makes for a very impressive vista.
CMDR Weylandt
Id like to suggest systems HR 465, HD 101065 and HD 965. All contain suns that produce Promethium, the only place currently known where this element is produced naturally (outside of an atomic reactor). Better still if mining it could somehow have commercial value as well. Especially as, being radioactive, it breaks down extremely fast.
: Rosette Sector GW-W d1-97 A 3 20.0481/17.9574
Silicate vapour geysers, field over 1km in diameter
some screen shots
location Rosette Sector GW-W d1-97 A 3 20.0481/17.9574
there is plenty of crystal needles and fractures, good source for yttrium too
A great destination for wedding cruises!

Here's a ringed Earth-line world, paired with a ringed giant in an eternal dance. The two go 'round a double star. It should be noted that all planets going around that double star have rings (also small ones, but not the moons). This is so full of beautiful views and romantic notions (pairs & rings) that it should be up there with the Niagara Falls as a destination for loving couples tying the knot.

I call the pair "The Beauty and the Beast".


The romantic view on the "Beauty" SKAUDAI AY-Z C1-0 AB 4, with the "Beast" AB 3 in the background.

Commander name: Turtle_Rocketeer
Imperial explaration ship IES "Trout o' the Void"
Id like to nominate Rosette Sector CQ-Y D59 2a. This planet in the rosette nebula is in the same system as Asteroid Station New Beginnings. The crater located at 13.87 x 122.36 has a persistent POI that spawns crashed Condors, that appear to have been used for smuggling as they regularly have narcotics. The crater itself is picturesque with atmospheric lighting and mist. It is also a hot spot for material deposits.
I would like to suggest a Surface beacon named "Racer´s Rock" on "AMBER A 2 A" in the AMBER system at location Lat: 9.2952 Lon: -140.1921 (this location has 4 racing canyons right next to it, would be a nice (you know) beacon to be able to easily organize races)
The moon co orbits a ringed planet and a large moon, all orbits are very close (even to the star) resulting in nice vistas and views.
But the main reason i am suggesting it is that the moon is filled with perfect for racing canyons, both for Fighters,ships and even for SRVs.
The system is right next to Alioth too.
some documentation for it:

Description "Est. 3303 by Starhunter Industries to commemorate the successful conclusion of the infamous teambuilding championship that claimed the lives of 30 emloyees and 50 Racing fitted Imperial Eagles"
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Marshall's Rest

I am submitting DRYAFAI VF-L D9-22 as a tourist destination for 2.4. This sytem is 3.3kly from the Rosetta Nebula

This system has an Earth-Like world orbiting another Earth-Like and Water world, and another Water world orbiting the main A star. Please see link below for all screenshots. Thank you
Haven't got a screen shot, but in the system IC 1287 Sector OD-I a10-2 there is three black holes in one system.
Sight seeing Planet

System is Prua Phoe PP-B B3-4 and the planet is A 3 A. But really any planet goes aince it is the view to the nearby Nebula.

Just wondering, now that Mr Brookes is currently foraging in pastures new, whether this tread is being monitored and destinations updated. I really enjoy seeing them in game, not only cause we have managed to get some in but they give a real flavor about which systems are important to cmdrs you may never meet. Its player life in the galaxy. I do hope more are inserted.
Got some nice ammonia geysers in a rather complex canyon and valley filled area on an icy moon
of a beautiful ringed Ammonia world.

The moon is tidally locked but the planet isn't :)

Located at:
Plio Eurl EN-W b1-3 1 A
51.100 -177.50

LY from Sol: 1,954

Some quick gifs of the area, and system map zoomed-in:




Last gif is brightened as it was quite dark when I arrived.
Gru Dryiae XJ-J b15-4 A 1 Type IV Gas Giant.

System contains M, L and T type stars, from which M and L orbits within 22ls away. What makes this system even more interesting, that there is a gas giant orbiting type M star within 4.4ls away.


CMDR Zinc The Cyborg
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