Patch Notes Update 2.3 Beta 4 Changelog

Hi everyone,

Beta 4 has just gone live... please see the changelog below!

Stability Fixes
• Fixed crash with contract destination does not coming through correctly
• Prevent crash when two players attempt to switch to fighter at same time
• Crash fix when supercruising with fighter out
• Crashfix: when opening the system map in rare circumstances
• Fix a crash if someone mines an asteroid near a station in a ring which then tries to spawn a microresource
• Fix a crash if a user quits the game during a multicrew location transition
• Fix a crash if a multicrew crew member disconnects from the host while loading
• Fixed cockpit crash in SRV
• Crash fix for various Multicrew edge cases

General Fixes/Tweaks
• Fixed the brightness of dust clouds in the main galaxy background
• Terrain shader minor optimisation for 700 series Geforce
• Audio: Fixing triggering of Vessel Voice "Ready To Engage" which wasn't being triggered
• Fixed missing progress bars on scanning reticle
• Fix asteroids sometimes not rendering into the far shadow views
• Fixed an issue on the system map. After zooming and directly leaving the system map, the sounds would hang around
• Fix saved game code to not write fsd superchange state twice (correct then wrong) which was breaking neutron-star jumps
• Fix for credits not being taken when purchasing exploration data
• Speed up CQC matchmaking when players of significantly different ratings join the game

• Made NPC voice and messages work in multicrew
• Fixing visibility issues for HUD rings and quick slots behaviour
• Added collision sounds for Multicrew seated players
• Audio: "Asteroid depleted" vessel voice line now audible to all members of a multicrew session
• Each player in a multicrew session can now see the boost gained for supercharging your fsd
• Prevented crew from jettisoning cargo which could cause their cargo hold to be inconsistent with the helm
• Fix an issue where if a local player's ship's cockpit component is destroyed, ie if a player enters a fighter, all crew would be detached from their chairs
• Fix gunner controls reverting to helm if fighterCon gets kicked when in a fighter due to illegal activity
• Removing wing icon from the galaxy map view and from the left hand panel when in multicrew
• Fix for: In the commander interaction history make sure the player can't have themselves in their own history.
• Cockpit health is now replicated between multicrew members (fixes cockpit not breaching for crew members)
• Fix for 2 players trying to switch to fighter at the same time
• Audio:Tweaks to crew voice mix
• Fix for MultiCrew fighter being destroyed when MultiCrew is disbanded when it is being flown by another player
• Gunner hud (3rd person camera) now displays relevant information when targeting a prospector limpet
• Increase the delay after launching fighters so that they shouldn't clip the parent ship on the way out (0.5 -> 0.8 seconds)
• Disband crews more forcefully when the captain disconnects

Avatars/Commander Creator
• Exit and Cancel popups are now displayed only after changes are made in Holo-Me.
• Fixed issue where Russian text would not be displayed on stepper in Holo-Me
• Fixed occasional blank images in avatar portraits
• Added VR backdrop to Holo-Me
• Tab bar in holo-me no longer repeats input when tab button is held down
• Fix the avatar portraits using lower res resources in some instances

Camera Suite
• Further fixes to various camera positions to avoid obscured angles
• Change the jump to camera vanity bindings to say the name of the camera they will jump to instead of just "Camera {number}"
• Added the ability to roll the free camera using the mouse, Renamed Mouse Pitch and Mouse Roll in the bindings menu to Mouse Y-axis and Mouse X-axis to reflect which mouse axis is used for the input instead of what the input will do since that is now set in a toggle

• Fixes for popping sounds in loops inside stations
• Fixed hitcheck issues with asteroid base

• Changed labelling of chained missions on the mission board to help relieve confusion over what part of a chain the player is on
• Add 2 new scenario remaps so that the new Incursion missions still let us complete the Well Trained achievement on XB1
• Disparity between text and audio logs now fixed
• Fix cabin escape pods not always being used when passengers eject

• Fixed Texture Seam on space Dredger

• Audio:Fixing silent Pulselaserburst_Huge
• Audio:Fix missing hold events pulselaserburst huge
• Audio:Fix silent LOD1 heatsink launcher
• Audio:Fixing a weird sound on the large pulslaser turrets

• Added cockpit chair based lighting (small amount of ambient to stop avatars being completely unlit in dark environments) to all ships where it was missing
• Added new ship naming popup in livery
• Fixed being unable to activate/deactivate colour customisation modules on the right hand panel
• Audio: Fixing triggering of Vessel Voice "Ready To Engage" which wasn't being triggered
• Audio:fixing waste pod volume issues.
• Audio:Few tweaks to fighter launch/stow to make them quieter when heard from the cockpit. Shortened a needlessly long loop and fixed its XBox conversion settings so it doesn't sound rubbish.
• Audio:Tweak to engine launch
• Audio:Fixed broken fighter tractor beam event actions
• Fixed Imperial cutters external lights not working

• Fixed for silent turret guns on other buggys
• Fixed ships not appearing on the SRV's wave scanner
• Fix for turret gui remaining should a srv get shutdown while in turret view
• SRV terrain schematic should now correctly render a cross section effect between the radar plane and any terrain that rises above it
• Fixed SRV's decal slot names

Station Services
• Fixed flow issues when opening Station Services for the first time
• Fix fighter paintjobs not appearing in outfitting
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I knew there must be a good reason I woke up at 3AM and couldn't go back to sleep! ;)

Something told me to fire up ED's Launcher and check the Beta status. Was pleased to see UPGRADE instead of PLAY listed there. :)

RE: Patch Notes...

I saw no mention in the patch notes of fixing the Scanner Backlight Brightness on the Anaconda. Its way too bright at the moment. (About 90% brighter than in 2.2.03 and washes everything out being displayed on it in flight as well as while docking)

Also, no mention of that extra white dot of light in the Witchspace Tunnel during Hyperjumps just above the target star. ???

Really hope those two things are seriously looked at before this goes live. Still downloading the update, so perhaps they have been but were not mentioned in the notes?

Other than those concerns... Great work as usual you guys! :)
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Another update, lovely stuff! Thanks a lot for the continued hard work

Fixed ships not appearing on the SRV's wave scanner

Is this just for other people's ships? I guess that your own ship still doesn't appear on the scanner?

Audio:Few tweaks to fighter launch/stow to make them quieter when heard from the cockpit. Shortened a needlessly long loop and fixed its XBox conversion settings so it doesn't sound rubbish.

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