2.3 Beta Release News (27th Feb)

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is it so hard for them to post, if its going to be today or not, or even possibly today ?

they want us to just sit here, refreshing in the Hope that we can play, they dont realise now annoying this is ? or they dont care....
Maybe they don't now yet, and still waiting on QA to get back to them to give them the go ahead or to say there are still problems.

We will not find out until the last possible minute, as they want it out asap as well.
Chill pills for everyone, how about that?

"T'was the night before 2.3 and all could hear the howling outside..." LOL

Funny how things have not changed much, folks. I haven't opened the forums or the game in months and still the same ol' same ol' fuss and tantrums going strong.
It's very difficult to find any info regarding the beta release. In case someone wrote something useful here, it's already lost below layers of rubbish, commanders. Please stick to the topic. Any news regarding release time?
Chill pills for everyone, how about that?

"T'was the night before 2.3 and all could hear the howling outside..." LOL

Funny how things have not changed much, folks. I haven't opened the forums or the game in months and still the same ol' same ol' fuss and tantrums going strong.
Welcome back to the funny farm.
I think it might best best if in future betas FD just keep it completely secret and only announce its existence in the first place when the download is already available.

This way we can avoid these ridiculous massive tantrums from overgrown manchildren, who have little knowledge of how things work in the real world and consider themselves entitled to the world and beyond because they spent a measly amount of bucks on a videogame.

Its sad, but if (some) people can't behave like adults, then might as well treat them as children.
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We should invite them over to the 'other' thread ;)
Oh god no... there's another one?

I should clarify - I'm disappointed that the beta has slipped. But... in the world of delivering anything to anyone, issues happen and delays creep in. Don't let this one delay ruin previously good form with regards to content delivery. They are doing a great job, and I think some people need to respect that more rather that acting like they've been personally wronged.

FDEV will not be inclined to share things if they constantly get shouted at. Think on that.
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Long time listener first time caller here
Just like to say it's getting a bit childish in here , so what it's late, in the end its a BETA not a finished product and should be treated as such, no doubt it will get tweaked and updated over time but that's the purpose of a BETA so just try and show some patience.
(in George Nouri's voice):
Awesome! Welcome to the show!
You are hereby cordially invited to join The Alliance, we are looking for humans such as yourself.
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Not really.... I am a dev, some stuff I understand, some stuff from this end I've seem from game studios (not naming names) looks very poor, you can often see examples of poor communication (not Fdevs strongest suit either) and poor project management even if you aren't involved in the projects.

And the key thing to not annoying your customers is proper expectation management, and building into any timelines plenty of time for issues! If you think you will have something ready in 5 days if all goes well you NEVER under any circumstances say "it'll be ready in 5 days" You just don't!

I have every sympathy for bugs being found last min and issues this can cause - anyone who watched the live stream could tell there were big issues! But waiting till after the anticipated release (beta's normally start on Tuesday that was widely expected and FDev could have shot that down long ago) then Late on Thursday saying "yeah guys issues, it'll be Monday" then late on Monday saying "ooops, we did it again! update tomorrow morning" then no update the following morning..... that I have no sympathy at all for! That's the sort of stuff that devs who don't make games but "real world stuff" get sacked for!

People I know who are game devs have a much higher tolerance for this than those I know who don't....most "real world" devs are not particularly flattering about how game devs operate. And sure part of that is them wanting to be making cool games rather than the boring project they are working on, but part of it is knowing a "lets wing it" operation when they see it.... IMO FDev need to get a lot better at the comms, at expectation management, right now it's the sort of level you expect from devs who just got a few volunteers to do it....
Alright, Captain Hindsight, settle down...

you do know that some things are out of people's control, despite the best expectations of when a task should be complete, yeah?

This expectation that they should have had plans in place to deal with this is almost like Prime Minister May expecting the Brexit negotiations to go off without a hitch after she'll trigger Article 50 this year, then after 2 years expect a free trade deal...

Both this Beta and Brexit have this in common; overly optimistic optimism, and when things go bad, oh dear, they go bad - but it was totally unforeseen until all the Captain Hindsights come out of the woodwork.
All future sales of the beta access will include a bottle of tranquilizers at no extra charge. Pre-order today and receive the limited edition Elite Dangerous Lava Lamp.[yesnod]
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Especially excited about this beta because this is a major step in 'humanising' the universe.

In live there is the issue that there is no sense of person, a universe of automatons.

These games aren't just space simulators; they are simulations of YOU in space. Without an avatar you feel like you are the ship itself, not the person piloting it.
Good point. I'm specially looking forward the new camera system and having the ability to see more the inside of our ships, even though we are still riveted to our seats...
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