Patch Notes Update 2.3 Beta, Update 3

Good morning, CMDRs. This morning we're applying an update to the beta which will cause them to be offline for a short time. The following changelog is the full list of changes being implemented to this new build.


Stability Fixes

  • Fix a crash accessing a stored module in outfitting
  • Fix error with incorrect string types for chained missions
  • Made sure ship/activity selection buttons are disabled and don't send events when there's no ship available, thus making it impossible to mash the button and generate the softlock
  • Removed redundant code that could cause the UI to get data from an object that may not exist
  • Fix memory corruption on shutdown
  • Fixedgame becoming unresponsive on commander history tab
  • Crash fix for the vanity camera blur geometry not being correctly initialised
  • Fix a crash that can happen when joining a multicrew session while the helm is in the process of a supercruise transition
  • Fix a crash during shutdown when the CommanderInteractionHistory was saving its data
  • Fixed crash when trying to upgrade the health of a module which has no concept of health
  • Fixed a crash that could happen for crew inconsistently when the helm emergency dropped hitting a stellar object
  • Network stability fix for IPv6/IPv4 dual-stack users
  • Networking stability fix
  • Fixed crash when starting a multicrew session while the hyperdrive is charging
  • Fix for a crash when another person in a multicrew session drops out of supercruise while someone is joining their session
  • Fix a crash caused when someone joining a multicrew session quits the game
  • Crash fix when hyperspacing whilst swapping back from fighter
  • Fix a number of transaction server errors when ejecting limpets, transferring cargo, buying exploration data and swapping loaded fighter bays into storage

General Fixes/Tweaks

  • Fix for incorrect mining decals spawning on rocky/icy asteroid types
  • Various text fixes
  • Fixed missing audio when scrolling on option pages
  • Fix friends markers not appearing on the galaxy map
  • Audio: Fixed missing events on heat sink deploy
  • Audio: Fix missing "Fuel Scooping Complete" voice line
  • Optimisation for stellar jets
  • Audio: Fixing vessel voice in hyperdiction encounter
  • Fixed landing gear and cargo hatch animating when logging in near your landed ship in an SRV
  • Crash fix when sending Wing invites in certain situations
  • Optimisations for HBAO
  • Optimised HUD glitch effect


  • Make sure that fighters receive combat bonds
  • Show fire groups on non-helm and non-gunner multicrew
  • Hide the "Lawful" description overlay for child activities in the "Join Another Ship" menu
  • Basic ship scan data is not replicated to crew members in the "idle" role fixed
  • Turret weapon mode can no longer be changed while in multicrew (workaround for turret mode replication issue in multicrew)
  • Pressing "B" while looking at multicrew info will go back to the default contact view
  • Use correct text symbols for ship names in the session report
  • Make sure livery and holo-me buttons (station menu) aren't available when in multicrew & give some feedback in the button sublabel accordingly
  • Icons and numbers for 'Join Another Ship' in multicrew are sometimes missing until you hover over them
  • Made the Wing and Multicrew invite buttons visible but disabled when appropriate. So it's clearer that the option would normally be available but is currently blocked by something
  • Added some visual feedback in the crew cockpit about current role (component on top of the role designation label containing a frame, an icon and a pulse animation)
  • Fixed hardpoint indicators from swimming through the new 'utility' item when deploying hardpoints in gunner role
  • Fixed overzealous blocking of the multicrew invite button, it didn't allow you to invite a second person to your crew because you were technically in a wing
  • Added remaining icons to comms UI, multicrew UI drop down menus and options
  • Audio: Multicrew members now receive ATC trespass, loitering and blocking door messages when in another player's ship
  • Fixed Comms Panel - Invite to Wings/Multicrew missing or not disabled in certain states
  • Audio: Make mining chunks breaking off asteroids audible to player 2 in multicrew
  • Made sure that station services closes when opening a session report
  • Updated session report with the correct stats
  • Audio: Fix a bunch of missing drone sounds for player two in multicrew
  • Audio: Fix for FSD jump sounding twice when jumping as player 2 in a multiplayer session
  • Non helm roles can now read the refinery value but not vent any materials
  • Crew members now have access to the helm's exploration data while part of a crew, however, crew members will not gain any new exploration data earned while part of the crew
  • Removed "Request Docking" button from the contacts panel for crew members
  • Make sure opening a crew is locked off when in a wing or leaving a wing
  • If you crew in a multicrew vessel display the permits of the helm under the permit tab, helm or non multicrew will display your own
  • Fixed ship name/id not appearing on the Functions Panel or the Info Panel for crew members
  • Show the interdiction tunnel for all crew members
  • Stop non helm crew members seeing the planetary landing gui
  • Show the local commander name in the status panel (and not the pilot) when in MultiCrew non-helm
  • If a gunner kills someone then the crime is attributed to them and not the helm
  • External players should now see the weapons moving/firing/aiming correctly
  • Fixed session report bounty values when killing a ship that awards multiple bounties for different factions
  • Stopped the message about switching flight controls being sent to crew members
  • Tweaked the logic that generates the cargo list for the UI so that mission cargo doesn't show up as stolen on non-helm multicrew machines
  • Show hits on the targeting schematic of the helm when target is shot by the Gunner
  • Fix for not being able to deploy fighter on non-helm after hyperspace
  • Fixed MultiCrew joining players not being aware of any deployed fighters
  • Matchmaking buttons disable more efficiently to prevent spamming
  • Update multicrew matchmaking activity counts more quickly

Avatars/Commander Creator

  • Some of the Female Outfit Changes had bent knees - now fixed
  • Enable preset feature randomisation, and turn on randomisation for the sub-components of avatar headgear
  • The male veteran had wispy photo-sourced eyebrows even with no eyebrows selected - fixed this
  • Fixed the head being missing on the player avatar after entering holo-me
  • Milky eye not applying when set to both eyes fixed
  • Added entry/icon for female Cornrows hairstyle
  • Added new motion graph variable to allow joints to correctly react to jaw width morphs
  • In the commander creator, the mouse input should now line up properly with the UI
  • Update icon .avatarSettings for helmets so that the helmet is actually turned on
  • Moved Chin clefts from scars to a new category under Head->Jawline->Chin
  • Moved Lip, Cheek and Eye makeup from tattoos to a new makeup category under Face
  • Fixed Holo-Me UI getting tinted by custom UI colors - meaning that the full-color thumbails of various things don't match what's rendered. This UI now uses the 'Front-End' shader variant, which ignores color tinting (like the galaxy map)
  • Initialise a cached helmet value, so that an avatar will not randomly have a helmet on in some instances
  • Palette Editor had set some saturation values to zero - fixed this
  • Move makeup back to the cosmetics tab in Holo-me
  • Made separate palettes for "regular" makeup and tattoos/warpaint
  • Fixed - some eyebrow textures were straying out the prescribed eyebrow area and then being stretched by the morphs influencing the eyelids
  • The UI now focuses on the correct flight suit when opening a category
  • Fixed Female avatar skinning - moving the avatar's eyes wider made a spike appear in the corner of the eyes; moving the mouth up made it intersect with the bottom of the nose
  • The avatar's head no longer appears a frame too late when switching to the vanity camera
  • Holo-Me sliders now retain focus even when the mouse is dragged outside the slider, making it easier to use
  • Close Station Services when entering Holo-me, so the UI's don't overlap
  • Fixed colour mismatch between some hairstyles and beards
  • Avatars: Female Rough neck morph changed to remove clipping with the back of the suit
  • Store consistent pose/background after the first time you see the portrait of your player
  • Suit category label now displays the name of the category instead of the name of the option
  • Fixed holo-me avatar vibration whilst docked in a Coriolis station
  • Fixed various UI inconsistencies in the avatar editor
  • A commanders own face now appears in the chat log when they send a message
  • Leveled off of the VR HoloMe Cameras so they are level with the cockpit floor

Camera Suite

  • Changed the max speed of the focus distance in the vanity camera
  • Should the vanity camera collision not detect we are clipping with an object cast a ray 1m in front of us to check if there is a surface
  • Changed the vanity camera collision to check the edge of the screen instead of the centre when trying to detect if we are clipping with an object
  • Only force the camera into planet range while we are in low level flight and not in supercruise
  • Tweaked Ship Low camera position to prevent intersection with hangar floors
  • Audio:Chaff Launcher firing retriggers when switching between Cockpit Cam and Vanity Cam fixed
  • Various fixes for camera positions to avoid "Signal Lost" where cameras were clipping through things
  • Fixed vanity cam 'stop' sound playing when re-entering the cockpit only if the gui was visible
  • Swapped FreeCameraPitchUp and ''Pitchdown so pressing up makes the camera pitch up and vice versa
  • Force the vanity camera to update when a multicrew player joins
  • Moved the "Toggle Camera Suite" button out of flight and vehicle miscellaneous into the "Camera Suite" menu
  • Fix for free camera mouse controls not working while docked
  • Made camera name label in vanity cam capable of expanding to fit long camera names in
  • Prevent access to srv turret while using the camera suite
  • Stopped the Free camera throttle mode overwriting the flight throttle mode, this means you can have each throttle in a different mode


  • Various performance optimisations for the Asteroid Station
  • Dockable Megaships now display their name on the side
  • Fixed advert drones disappearing outside the station when we switch over to the entrance kinematic
  • Updated chat panel to support station messages
  • Audio: Fix missing SFX on biomes
  • Audio:Removed unused events from military outposts
  • Audio:Fixes for issues with activation distances in various engineer bases audio emitters
  • Audio:Added correct soundbanks to a number of planet and engineer base elements
  • Fixed station type icon for Freeholm
  • Audio: Fixes for popping sounds in loop inside stations


  • Mission Failed string added to all chained missions
  • Changed the commodity required to Fish, from Aluminium in the welcome mission collect template
  • Fixed error in sorting algorithm for transaction panel
  • Chain Missions chance of spawning reduced from 100% to 30%
  • Changed the archetype of pirate lords used in assassination missions - when you jump into the USS, they should no longer flee from you if you have no cargo
  • Fixing the cargo in planetary rescue so that it is no longer illegal (for the welcome arc only)
  • Fixed an issue where the Famine Piracy chain was showing string data instead of commodity data
  • Fix some passengers refusing to leave their cabins


  • Samson Class Bulk cargo ship has unconnected geometry fixed
  • Moved micro resource spawners in mega ships to stop micro resources from spawning at the origin regardless of the offset we had entered
  • Ancient 01 site multiple fixes to problems in layout, floating rocks, bad controllers, incorrect customisations
  • Fix some LOD popping on megaships
  • Hitcheck fixes for the asteroid ship
  • Remove frame stalls in poi spawner when loading sector layers on approach to certain planets
  • Cockpit location panel (bottom left) now displays icons for the new types of nav location (megaships and asteroid bases)
  • Audio: Fix audio error with materials
  • Audio: Stop solar panels SFX from cutting in abruptly
  • Fixed: specific arrangements of terrain-stamped POIs would cause heigh issues on AMD cards
  • Fix for floating objects at ancient sites


  • Audio:Makes some sounds react to amount of ammo remaining in magazine


  • Fixed zfighting issue of decals on floor. Fixed mirrored writing and removed emissive detailing from cockpit 'screens' which were obscuring the MultiCrew UI in the Beluga
  • Fixed issue stopping the ships from kicking up dust while near a planet
  • Fixed flipped vanity cameras on the Asp Explorer
  • Fixed flipped vanity cameras on the Federal Dropship
  • Fixed sidewinder explosion which looked broken at 7000m
  • Balanced Orca by lowering the weight, making it faster with bigger jump distance
  • Audio:Fixed the boost fail sound which went missing during the emitter update
  • Audio:Fixes for landing gear event errors and hardpoint audio event errors
  • Audio: Fixes for Anaconda, Empire eagle, eagle missing events
  • Audio: Fixes for Diamondback Scout emitters appearing in the wrong place
  • Audio: Fix for other player/npc fsd jumps in/out of an instance sounding truncated
  • Audio: Fix fighter launch sounds on type 9
  • Rebalanced ships: DBX now has an extra size 2 slot and is a bit lighter, Asp Scout has a new size 2 slot and a size 5 slot replacing one of it's size 4 ones. Beluga mass brought more in line with other large ships to help FSD range
  • Removed second discovery scanner from Asp Scouts new size 2 slot
  • Fix for The Fer De Lance not having any shipkit slots in Livery
  • Balance pass on the Federal Condor, increasing it's transverse acceleration from 10 to 20
  • Fixed bobble head positions for imperial courier
  • Fixes missing vessel voice lines in Hyperspace
  • Audio: added oomph back to the weapons
  • Audio: Fixes for retro drives in external view


  • Optimisations to SRV headlights with improved visuals
  • Audio: Fix audio errors with the stow/deploy animation

Station Services

  • Audio: Manage ship voice alerts better when in outfitting to reduce message spam

Player Journal

  • Include local minor faction information in the player journal when arriving in a system
Awesome! Thanks a bunch :)

Stopped the Free camera throttle mode overwriting the flight throttle mode, this means you can have each throttle in a different mode

Specially for this one!
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Hmmm...SRV Audio per animation but how about intermittent missing audio in the wave scanner? Video seem to be working great. Thanks.
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  • If a gunner kills someone then the crime is attributed to them and not the helm

So we can have our gunner kill other commanders without getting wanted? Sounds like a lot of fun...

A fix for the "helm becoming wanted because of gunner actions"-issue is badly needed, but that doesn't appear to be the right one to me.
Lots of cool stuff, love the ship rebalancing! But:

If a gunner kills someone then the crime is attributed to them and not the helm

How does it work? The ship is wanted as long as one member at least is wanted, and when kicked the ship is clean?
Back in 2.2 we had a lot of feedback from the Devs on nearly every issue, from Fighters not being fun (so the speed got nicely increased), to passengers and all sorts.

We seem to have a lot of feedback on missions & weapons/shields, not so much on the two billboard items. Namely multi-crew though..

I'd love it if we could get some more interaction from one of the big Devs on where mult-crew is going to be taken, and if they could respond to many of the suggestions.

For example the Helm being able to set what the Gunner has access to, it'd be nice to get a "this is on/off the table", even if we don't have a timescale.
So many fixes! Thanks FDEV :)

Any more info on this item please?

Is this all the BGS information, like influence, faction state etc.?

Here's an example:

{ "timestamp":"2017-03-15T10:33:37Z",
"SystemSecurity_Localised":"Medium Security",
"Powers":[ "Zachary Hudson",
"Li Yong-Rui" ],
"Factions":[ { "Name":"Wolf 1449 Limited",
"Allegiance":"Federation" },
{ "Name":"Future of Erne",
"Allegiance":"Federation" },
{ "Name":"Erne Crimson Electronics Int",
"Allegiance":"Independent" },
{ "Name":"Lowne 1 Purple Legal Commodities",
"Allegiance":"Federation" },
{ "Name":"Erne Order",
"Allegiance":"Independent" },
{ "Name":"Erne Silver Hand Gang",
"Allegiance":"Independent" },
{ "Name":"Erne Limited",
"Allegiance":"Federation" } ],
"SystemFaction":"Erne Limited" }
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