News 2.4 The Return - Response to release date speculation!

Hi everyone,

We’ve been noticing a lot of conversations and speculation regarding when 2.4 will be released, and many are guessing at this week. To respond to all of these speculations in one go, in the interest of managing expectations and being open in our communications with you, we wanted to give you a clearer idea about when we’ll give you that information.

In the stream next week on Thursday 14 September at 7PM BST, we’ll be bringing on our developers for a lore livestream where we’ll discuss some of the story in preparation for 2.4 so that you're ready for when the update comes. We’ll also be giving more information about the launch of 2.4 The Return, and a date of when you can expect to be exploring the content for yourself!

Thank you for your participation in the recent betas, and thank you for your patience so far. We’re excited to bring you 2.4 The Return and look forward to the discoveries that the community makes about our alien visitors.
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Thanks for update... lets not moan or grumble. lets let FDev iron any issues identified during beta. we are all very excited, and lets be honest we don't want it to flop, we want it to be as good as possible.

If its end of Sept then great so Be it...... a little bit longer won't harm.
Quality takes time
Thanks for the information, Dale.

I'm looking forward to the stream next week and I'm happy to wait until 2.4 is ready to be released.

Thanks Frontier.
I think it would also be good to get some of the official book authors on board for the stream because what they've written counts as canon.
That includes Michael Brookes because even though he's moved on to JWE, he is still one of the official authors.
Thanks Dale. I think that 2.4 teaser trailer might've confused some of us.

So either on the 21st or 28th is my bet. I have a feeling this is a wait for M$ and Sony to approve the final 2.4 build, or you guys have more tests to do internally. We sure didn't have that much to test.



Lore livestream.

This is awesome news, because lot of us got worried beta got too short to fix all bugs we found there.

Also heck yeah for lore stream! After so long time!
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