Patch Notes Update 2.4 The Return - Update 2.4.01

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Could be worse. :p
Greetings commanders,

Hopefully your recent endeavors in Elite have been.....eventful and mysterious! We are taking the Elite servers down at 8PM UK / 3PM East US time for a quick update.

The downtime should last no more than 15 minutes - if not, i will be back here updating this thread with a status update.

Below are the patch notes...

Fix for a hull reinforcement package incorrectly providing caustic resistance

Beluga Liner
Fixed some incorrect preview thumbnails and names for the Beluga Expedition Paint Jobs

Stability Fixes
Fixed an issue that was causing players to disconnect when attempting to load into game near a station

Anything on the oculus update yet?
Launcher won't open for me at all - edlaunch.exe appears in task manager but nothing happens. I've launched the game 6 or 7 times tonight before this update without a problem. Is it trying to communicate with the servers?
Cant update launcher is doing same thing again locks up. then says i have a Quota issue. Um I dont have Quota enabled. PC non steam. LOL figured id do the main game not thru Steam due to issues with steam and updates with other games in the past. Seems Steam is the better way to go for this game! SAD PANDA FACE!
Except they were fine before the update. Stations that had 30-50k supply on weekends in 2.3 now have 20 supply on weekdays in 2.4.

Edit: And it wasn't fixed. Lovely

That recent (pre-update) behaviour is the weird thing though, not what you're describing.

I noticed it at the last two trade CGs, the supply at the stations closest to the CG station was something like 300k and it never dropped during the whole CG. Back when I started doing CGs, that would have gone within a couple of hours tops at a weekend with people having to constantly find new sources of supply. It was far more realistic because a station couldn't just ramp up the amount of goods it can supply that fast - I'd assumed the 'new' behaviour where the supply never dropped was either a bug, or basically FDev just making CGs easy mode.
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