Patch Notes Update 2.4 The Return - Update 2.4.03

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Woop! I completed all my missions with 2 minutes to spare. Lol

Hopefully the update doesn't trigger the random "A file has failed to load after multiple attemps as Direct3D cannot lock to buffer" crashing I just managed to fix. Lol

CMDR Cosmic Spacehead
•Fixed an issue whereby all Barnacles in a system would appear in the Navigation Panel after scanning just one

Shame, I thought they were being Avatar like and becoming all connected like one big brain.
Could we possibly have a bit less of the Colonia space missions spam in every station? I don't think it's necessary to fill up every board with missions that over (and i'm just guessing here) oh, 80% of all players do not want to do since they do not want to go to Colonia space? The sheer amount of missions that have that area as the destination are not necessary in my personal opinion, they're in the way, and IF I wanted to go to Colonia, I wouldn't want a couple missions worth a measly million each just to go there. Seems unintentional for there to be SO many. Please address this, thank you for your time devs.
i do hope, after the agonising last 2 updates, where my keybinds were reset, do not reset after this update. For some reason, that cause a glitch ingame, where even tho i tried to load up backed up binds, game wouldnt recognise it, forcing me to restart all over again.
This time, i have removed my binds file from the folder, backed them up, so when maintenance is done, i will let the client patch, then replace my file in the folder and hold my breath that it recognises it :).
But the list mentioned is a nice patch.
Every ship in the galaxy not adapting to AX multi’s?


Not that the Thargoids have had much to fear from me anyway.
Please slow down. we have lost the habit of frequent updates. (joke). [big grin]
Continue, the community's activity depends on your activity.
Thank You!
In 0,2 I got mostly flawless playing except for these bugs:

- Happens rarely now (used to be much more evident in 2,4,0 release) but sometimes my game hangs with a crash report. Usually around the station(s). Happens like every other day or so (used to be 4-5x a night!).

- Mail thing seems messed up. Either the mission messages overlap when opened or "new message" marks never leave after reading the mail that you get after scanning ground receivers for firmware material.

So hoping these two will get fixed soon if not in today's patch!
Mission Bug

I didn't read every message here in this thread yet, but I saw a mission bug earlier tonight. Some missions are offering around 600,000 credits to deliver data/etc. 21,000 light years away. For a newbie player to see missions like this seems a little odd, but in addition, none of these sorts of missions that have the 20,000 light year distant stars are offering money that would actually be worth the massively far trip.
Player faction

Bug fix... Bug fix.... big fix.... and still big seems that you work with samsung ....
... BUG FIX.....and the player faction? We are waiting for 7 month.....WHERE IS OUR FACTION?
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