General Gameplay 2 ideas, 1.about genetic modifications 2. about sandbox fighting

Hello JWE Players, today I wanted to share idea about genetic modifications and sandbox fighting. First thing-modifications. You guys know modifications such as Aggressive Instincts, Reaction Speed, Intuitive Learning. Well, they should actually do more than just boost some stats, for example dinosaur with Aggressive Instincts
would be more aggressive than a normal dino, and would attack dinosaurs with which he would normally coexist (let's say Giganotosaurus gets this modification, and he would attack and kill Deinonychus) Containing Aggressive Instincts dinosaurs would be a challenge, because they would only preffer their own species, and they would have small comfort thresold. Next gene- Reaction Speed. Here changes wouldn't be that big, dinosaur should just react faster, for example you open the gate, and dino immediately goes to check it, if there's fence broken because of tornado, or idk player is trying to rebuild enclosure, dino would react faster and escape enclosure. With Intuitive Learning it would be hard work for Frontier, let's say we have Indoraptor with this modification, player is keeping him in enclosure with electrified fence. One time there's storm in the island, Indoraptor's comfort thresold drops and he's trying to destroy the fence but gets electrocuted. That's why he will try to breakout only when there's power outage, pretending to be asleep would be nice too. Imagine when you're trying to transport Indoraptor but he destroys the transport helicopter with some sick animation, I know it would be hell to have him in your park but it would make the gameplay more unique. Well, next idea is about sandbox fighting settings. We already have normal setting, high fighting setting and we can even turn off fights. What I want is low fighting setting, dinosaurs won't fight if they have food available, for example Spinosaurus will preffer getting some fishes in fish feeder than fighting Stegosaurus or another herbivore (even than chasing after Parasaurolophus) That's pretty logic, and would be dream option for people trying to make JWE documentaries, with this setting every one of us can make the real Site B on Nublar (and I hope on other islands too, adding sandbox mode for every island would be great) Alright, so that's all. Let me know what do you think about those ideas, very possible I exaggerated with difficulty of keeping the Indoraptor in the park, but that would only exist if you'd add that one specific genome to this hybrid.
Moderators, I forgott about 1 idea per Thread, sry.
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Not sure about some of this but I do wish I could could make a real Site B on Nublar. Even spacing apart feeders doesn't help; the carnivores just wander away. I could toggle off fights all together but it does feel like cheating. But before someone else points this out, one idea per thread.
One Idea per Thread... But I'm not a moderator sooo😂

Having your Idea of "Low Fights" mode would be nice for some people, but even then, it would be a much natural site B if Carnivores only hunted if they were hungry and only fought when they have no choice.

Also, it would be stupid of the Indoraptor to attack the helicopter mid air knowing that it would crash and die.

Another thing, genetic modifications don't always change the behavior. But.... Who am I to tell Frontier what to do.
Also guys, I don't think a fall from this height would actually kill indoraptor, I rather meant when they picked up Indoraptor he would just wake up and pull the helicopter down,
the helicopter would lose balance and simply crash. Of course indoraptor would escape from the crash safely, just jump down before explosion.
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