2 years in never joined a group. been a long lonely journey.

I'm a well rounded pilot enjoying all aspects of the game. I'm looking for active people who enjoy the game as much as I do.
right now I'm focused on gaining empire rank (currently baron) and unlocking engineers... don't leave me in orbit!

Fly Dangerously [alien]
We have a few similarly grinding Empire rank, so that when they are done grinding they can come work with us as we spread the Sacred Text of the Creator. Sacra Oculus is an Independent Theocracy with a nice sector carved out on the edge of inhabited space.

Now for Empire, go head to De Lay Terminal, Xuanduna and trade run to Dakshalli running Imperial Slaves for Marine Equipment. Plenty of Imperial minor factions there too, so easy to grind rank.

Then afterwards, come to our sector and benefit from 2 Compromised Nav Beacons, plenty of Haz Res, some good High Res for specific engineers related cargo, plenty of mining clusters (persistant if working in pairs), ice mining, 2 way trade routes, bounty hunting and of course very very lucrative passenger missions (and other missions). We manipulate the BGS so we would expect you for example to BH without a KWS in our space.
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