20 more ideas!

I have 20 more ideas for you![big grin]

1.Make so there's a change of seasons(guests wear coats at winter, and carry fans on summer)!

2.Add a wind animation.

3.Add a water tunnel option so when a roller coaster enters the water, a tunnel appears(when not, roller coaster goes trough the water).

4.If there's sand beneath the natural path, a guest leaves footprints!

5.Guests have different footstep noises when on natural path.

6.Make so you can paint the scenery with different colors.

7.Make so you can put the creation from the community in your own park!

8.You're gonna add bumper cars, right?

9.Add a loop inside loop and 8-shaped-loop.

10.Add different colors of wall pieces.

11.Add a matrix-themed walls and roofs and stuff.

12.Add glass things too.

13.Make a walking place where there's no path but people can walk on land.

14. Flying balloon animation add!

15.Add a clock which you can put on buildings(shows game time).

16.Make other rides can have different colored supports.

17.New maps: snow-covered map, candy land map, matrix map, sandy map.

18.Add road-shaped paths.

19.Add a bike store and a bike road.

20.Make ice statue and snowman as scenery.

Hope this helps you![squeeeeee]
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