200 Weeks Pledged to Big Eddie Mahon!

This week marks 200 weeks with the Alliance.

Am I crazy?
- Yeah I'm crazy.
Alliance Crazy.

Do I have a mug?
Yeah I have a mug:

Do I have a sub?
Sure - don't you?

Do I have a framed poster for my wall?
Yeah - I do:

Have I helped flip systems from The Old Worlds to Alioth.
Yeah - I'm there - I do that.

Have I got an Alliance Chieftan?
Of course I do.

Was I there in Cycle 44 to defend the Alliance?
Yeah - I was there.

200 Hundred Weeks!

Come on, you lightweights - Who's got more time pledged to their power?
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Haaaaaaaaaapppy pledge day to you
Happy pledge day to you
Happy pledge day to Mahon
Just a shame Mahon number 2

Did they buy you a new mop and light the candles with a Retributor laser?
DNA, you are a particularly special brand of special. How you can keep going with Maaahn's totally paper delivery system and utterly useless laser key fob beams is beyond me. And yet Maaahn is always on top (or there abouts). That is testament to your dedication.

Things might change if it goes open only, when everything will be easier for the combat bias powers, but that nothing in PP was ever balanced; it was clear from the start Maaahn was meant to be an 'also ran' but you crazies defied all that. And I know you are open only anyway.

But if course PP is a meaningless overlay on the galaxy that has no real effect on it. That is why I stopped wasting my time with it.

But well done all the same you agreeable mad man.
Did they buy you a new mop and light the candles with a Retributor laser?
The new mop is excellent for cleaning up Fed blood;
Do I have an actual pair of Retribution Lasers?
Yeah, I do.
But I have never, but NEVER used them.

And my question still stands:
Is there anyone still active in game or community with a 200 plus week pledge?

Ben Ryder maybe?
What's crazy about having found something in game that motivates you to keep coming back to it? Congrats on your time served OP. o7
Actually it's a bit of a rough week:

Kincaid Granted Command of Zaonce Fleet

President Gibson Kincaid has been named commander-in-chief of the Alliance Defence Force fleet in the Zaonce system.

Journalist Vanya Driscoll reported on the development for The Alliance Tribune:
“Admiral Frederick Yamamoto has announced that the Zaonce fleet now takes orders directly from the president, in direct breach of the existing ADF command structure.”
“The move is widely perceived to be a deliberate show of strength from President Kincaid, who is currently under investigation for illegal campaign funding. Admiral Yamamoto is known to be a personal friend to Kincaid, from the latter’s time as governor of Zaonce.”
“The Council of Admirals has demanded that Yamamoto rescinds this decree. Admiral Rachel Ziegler condemned the decision as ‘political grandstanding that borders on treason’.”
While President Kincaid has accepted the authority, he has yet to issue any orders to the ADF fleet stationed in Zaonce.

I think @dayrth and the gang at Alliance Rapid Reaction Corps (ARC) who run Zaonce are pretty unhappy about this Kincaid nonsense.

If it goes on too long, Commodore Helena Stone might have to get involved:

But then the GalNet writers would run a mile from letting this particular bit of "Player Agency" loose in the Old Worlds again.
I only ever stay pledged to a superpower long enough to get the toys... and then I have to go and have a long, hot, shower afterwards. :cautious:
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