2000th ELW

:DWhen we get a fleet carrier we're gonna go ELW hunting in the least popular ship in the game....a fleet of Eagles:D (shameless bumping of this thread)
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That's insane. I actually just started what will be by far my longest exploration expedition and I was happy that I've so far found 3 ELW's. Guess I won't be setting records any time soon! LMAO
There is quite the focus on F-type host stars but I wonder how much is due to your checking mass code 'D' systems. I have only a small fraction of your discoveries but I have found a small number in systems with fainter primary M stars (M6 and later) and even one around a T Tauri star in mass code B and C systems respectively (I find these either whilst checking the system map as I travel or when investigating a specific region of interest in detail). The sharp drop in numbers from spectral type F to G is quite a surprise.
Good luck for your next thousand! o7 and fly safe!
Congrats...Personally I have named a few ringed ones of the 45 or so that I have located, out of 68k first discoveries so far and over 800k scans, but I don't really just look for ELWs, I just find them while searching for any undiscovereds. The most objects of one type that I have named are of course Icy Rocks, of which I have over 15k of those, hence I can proudly claim the title of Icy Rock King, unless someone can prove otherwise that they have more.
Icy Rock Motto
I will scan every virgin icy rock I find,
otherwise it will be left very far behind.
Unseen, unsullied, unheard, unknown.
With each passing e-on, it sits there alone.
Then some day as I am passing by,
will point my scanner towards its gleaming eye,
and pop that cherry for all to see,
you just been scanned by the Icy Rock King
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