24 Hour Streamer Schedule

Chante Goodman

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We're almost set and ready to go for our 24 hour long streaming extravaganza on 17 December, and hopefully you're excited! While we will be doing the full 24 hours on our Twitch channel, filled with fun challenges and silly games (full schedule will go up tomorrow), we've enlisted the help of some fabulous community content creators to help us raise as much money as possible.

They will be going live on their own channels as per the times below, so if you feel like watching more gameplay but still being part of and supporting SpecialEffect, you can head over to their channels.
We will also be checking in with live creators on the main stream.

Remember, all of this amazing activity is to raise as much money as we can to support SpecialEffect, a UK based charity which uses videogames and technology to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities.

Streamer Schedule

17/12/2018 - 12PM to 4PM UTC

17/12/2018 - 1PM to 6PM UTC
Bad News Baron

17/12/2018 - 2PM to 9PM UTC

17/12/2018 - 3PM to 7PM UTC

17/12/2018 - 4PM to 5PM UTC

17/12/2018 - 6PM to 10PM UTC
Rudi Rennkamel

17/12/2018 - 7PM to 10PM UTC

17/12/2018 - 10PM to 18/12/2018 2AM UTC

17/12/2018 - 11PM to 18/12/2018 2AM UTC

17/12/2018 - 11PM to 18/12/2018 4AM UTC

18/12/2018 - 3AM to 6AM UTC

18/12/2018 - 5AM to 11AM UTC

18/12/2018 - 6AM to 11AM UTC
James Turner/Krytic Zeuz

Make sure you tune in!
- Chanté [yesnod][heart]


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Fantastic schedule!

I'll try to tune in whenever I can, although I do have a very busy last week at work before Christmas... [up]
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