24 Hours from now, we will witness the future of Exploration

Explorers, the long wait is almost over.

We have waited. For years.

Hoping. Praying. Jumping. Honking. Scanning. Eye-balling planets from orbit for.....anything of interest.

Some thought a day like tomorrow would never come.

Some thought that the past and future belonged to never ending releases of Combat ships.

Some thought that explorers were doomed, to jump-honk-scan for all eternity into the black, within a galaxy, cursed by Beige.

Tomorrow, at 7pm BST, Frontier will stream and we will witness the.....future:


Excited? I am. :D[up]
I was looking at the new Krait engines the other day and something about them just kept ling at me but, as these things usually do, what it was eluded me. Then at work one of my colleagues pulled out his magnetic inspection torch and I went AHHHHHH.
I hope I remember to tune in...

Only 13 days to the beta too, maybe I should just get my explorca a few KLy away tonight, just in case today is the day they choose to start us on in the beta :)
I feel somewhat the same, i waited for exploration to get some love for literally years, but previous updates, doesnt let me get excited. I have a feeling that the codex will be a huge dissapointment, by missing vital stuff, like multicrew did.
No pressure, then. :eek:

I'm really looking forward to this. I think the FDev team have put a lot of work into this. The vibes are good, man.

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24 hours (?)

You mean in 2 weeks on October 30th, right?

-- edit --

Duh!... Ah, a Stream xD
and in 26 hours the hate and moaning will commence ha

Probably never a truer word spoken...

(regardless, I won't be throwing salt in - but I'm too new a player to be jaded by a game that has no direction but continues to turn thoughts to "what if I did....?" )
It sounds good. I hope it's fun - ya know, the new stuff we can do, that it's fun. Not simply a more convoluted process.

But, yeah, am looking forward to it and am going to let optimism get the better of me.
and in 26 hours the hate and moaning will commence ha

Yeah.....one way or another, expect this forum to be very.....active, after the stream. Some people's hopes will be confirmed, other's will be.....shattered.

I'm optimistic and looking forward to seeing what Frontier have been working on.
I have to say, I'm excited about it all.
I will listen in the car while driving home, and watch on screen later
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