24 Hours from now, we will witness the future of Exploration

The Doomed protagonists will have their fingers hovering over the D on their keyboards ... but we won't be seeing everything tomorrow,and they may leave stuff for us to discover, like the brain trees on planets etc.

But they should at last be discoverable from a decent distance !
This will be a hit or miss.

The exploration and mining update can resurrect Elite from the graveyard or don't.

I'm excited but so did I in the past with other updates like Multicrew and they were just crap.

So, tomorrow we will see what kind of game FD wants Elite to be.
Yes partially... for me the big turnkey content will be atmospheric landings.

Even if FDEV releases now some cool stuff but they won't be able to release atmospheric planets (even at basic level) in a year (end of 2019) I guess I will lose my interest in the game.
That is what is worrying me ... the ice planets improvements were taken out ... no news of much else apart from lightning clouds
Yeah this is what worries me too. Adding new tools to find stuff is great and all, but we do need stuff worth finding, or it all means nothing.
Of course we'll see some of the new announced stuff, but I bet there will be much stuff to find in the game as usually. Some people actually forgot about "anomalies" (aside from visual effects and such), I hope they won't show those so we can find them by ourselves (at least they could tell us where those are going to appear, or could appear).

I'm not expecting to be blown away with what they are going to show but sure as hell I'll be checking that in the game later.
Maybe I'm just a jaded old git, but I'm keeping my expectations low - this is the company that gave us synthesis, and then explicitly limited it for the one thing explorers far out in the black would want to synthesize most. So I expect to facepalm at least once during the video. We'll see.
Really curious about specs on that new Krait variant. Will be sad if it's smaller with less internals etc than the Mk2. mainly because, I love the look of that new chassis and want it badly ... but it is a downgrade from the Mk2 (ie, smaller and focused on exploration, not a good multirole) then I probably won't use it.
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