24 Hours from now, we will witness the future of Exploration

3.3 is a very pivotal update for me and Elite as well. I've barely played the game at all this year, and the main reason is because I'm tired of exploration as it currently exists in the game. I've been tired of it for a very long time now.

Tomorrow is something I've been waiting a long time for: to see if the new exploration will be enough to rekindle my interest again. I hope it is.
After reading your rants for the last year, i doubt anything is good enough for you.. ;)
Seen too many half baked schemes in this game so far.
Is the next patch gonna be epic, probably not.
We know that multicrew will be improved with the new mining and exploration stuff. So it should be significantly better than before. ED's development is characterized by that they revisit features and make it better. That is the focus this year.
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Rep for Ghostbusters meme. :p

I find people actually talking can get rather dull, so I literally just fast forward. :p

Well, that quote didn't work... Lol
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If there just one thing which will be nice about this mining, it's that it will be much easier to see at a glance what asteroids have already been touched in your instance.
My, my... exploration changes are around the corner. From announcements it may be a game changer. But announcements are like politician words before the elections - I will believe when I see it.

Excited? Shamefully yes.
Cautious? For sure.

If this turns half as good as advertised I may finally get to Colonia without dying of boredom after 5k LYs. Right now I'm giving myself a pat in the back for doing Bubble-SagA*-Bubble route at one point.
beta => βήτα ..... which should be "beeta"
meta => μετα ..... which is correctly pronounced "meta"

For some reason, Americans confuse the two Greek letters as sounding the same :rolleyes:
Hold on a minute... I'm from the UK and I have always pronounced beta "bay-ta", watching the Frontier live streams is the first time in my life I've ever heard it pronounced "beeta".

So naturally I had to look up the pronunciation online and bizarrely, the Americans have it correct as "bay-ta", the same way it's pronounced in Greek, which for a Greek letter is pretty appropriate.
I really hope they show the exploration mechanics through actual playing the game. Let them go out and check systems along the way, instead of some sort of pre-staged scenario. Find and show us a POI or 2.
Oh yes... Finally I want to "compute" in my ship, looking for the special features and space oddities. :) Not 'eyeballing' the planet like a primitive lunatic.
No matter what, it surely will be a long youtube evening.

First Frontier, then the always uplifting afterthoughts of Yamiks followed by Obsidian to get back some sanity :)
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