3.0 is here - what have you been trying, what do you like?

So 3.0 Beyond chapter one has finally landed. What sort of things have you tried out so far, what do you like, and yeah OK, if you must, what do you not like?

I'll start the ball rolling.

Jumped into 3.0 this morning (after leaving the PC on all night to install the update). Was docked at Jameson Memorial in Shinrarta so buying a Chieftain seemed like an obvious first step. My immediate thought was that it's short on internals. Fitted an SRV and advanced disco scanner (pretty much compulsory modules for me), D-rated most others for range and then went to visit some planets. Fairly quickly realised I'd forgotten the Fuel Scoop, did a quick U-turn back to Jameson and then realised that, with the scoop and a cargo rack, the internals were full (couldn't even fit a Fuel Transfer limpet for Fuel Rat duties ... well, not without removing shields). Went off to the Sandy Ring race circuit on LFT 37 6 A. Doesn't look much different (it's an ice world after all - perhaps a bit of extra colour here and there) but at least it's largely unnafacted by the update (that's one thing less to worry about). The Chieftain handles OK-ish for canyon running and the boost sound is wicked. The ship also looks fantastic when you drive around it in the SRV. P.S. Is it just me or is it quite tricky to find a landing spot in the Chieftain?

I'd also fitted the alternative Victor COVAS voice. It's terrific that we now have the variety but I think I prefer a female voice so I'll probably buy Celeste today. I also played with the new Galnet audio on the way. It's a great feature although, if I'm honest, I actually prefer the voice that I already had reading out Galnet to me (via ED Toolbox + Voice Attack). I also had VA setup so I could skip to the next news article at the press of a button. The builtin Galnet audio really needs a "skip to next track" button and I'll probably stick to my exisiting audio until/unless this gets added.

I considered heading off to the new Guardian stuff but it was 36 jumps in the Chieftain so maybe later.

Returned to Jameson and switched back to the Python. Sorry Chieftain but I really like the flexibility that all those internals give to my gameplay so for now the "Passion Aggressive" is back in storage. I'll probably get it back out for the next Buckyball Race tho' - just because.

Then the big surprise (for me) - trade. I actually REALLY loved the new trade features. It's a bit complex but the ability to find profitable trade routes in-game is a massive improvement and I spent quite a lot of time trading random stuff from system to system, making a pretty much guaranteed and decent profit on every run. I can see myself doing a lot of this. Oh, and a big relief for me - they've fixed the missing audio when selling/decrementing commodity quantities!

Determined to see a few more of the new planets I then went out to Dav's Hope (also wanted to check out the base-jumping potential of the big mountain next to it). The planet is now a much more realistic ash grey colour (I suspect we'll be hearing some "beige replaced by grey" complaints but it does look better and the SRV tracks and dust it kicks up seems much improved). Chatted to Nick Sticks (who's been driving around a planet out near Colonia for the last 2 months). He misses his beige planet already (tongue slightly in cheek).

Did some hill climbing (because it was impossible to land a ship on top of the mountain).

Next on my todo list is to go and fight some Thargoid scout ships, maybe head off to the new Guardian sites and maybe check out some of my other base jumping planets. Oh, and I suppose I should pay the engineers a visit ... all in good time tho'.

Overall - all good, very happy with the release. It seems stable and the new features are all improvements really so what's not to like.

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Soloing wing transport missions that have been in system for me so far. 7.7 mil to run stuff down the street? Will do. Bought myself a Type 9 to do it. Once I have it outfitted to not have terrible jump range I'm gonna take it down to Bhal to deliver relief supplies. All with the intention of building up money for a chieftain cause I lack a combat ship at the moment.
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I'm in deep space so I cannot test much. I like the Galnet audio very much and the graphical update to planets is pretty good. I won't be able to try the rest before coming back to the bubble.
Overall, from what I saw, I'm very happy with the update and Beyond is on the right track. Hopefully, FD will keep up the good work and this year will bring tons of improvements to the core game play.
Planets are much improved...the explorer in me is rejoicing. In saying that, I havent seen many planets yet apart from the elw that my home station is parked on...textures are better than they were...bearing in mind Im on the xbone here so there were slightly different issues than what pc players have/had.

That being said, I have a regular run of missions to more or less the same planets and systems and one particular planet...with a medium security base where one might find skimmers fer example...was bland before with gentle rises and hills...from oc, it looked like it had mountains and canyons, but when ye got closer, ye saw that was an illusion.

I dont have before and after pics, but its got mountains and canyons now alright and it no longer looks like its made from cookie dough.

But planetary improvements aside, the cheiftain is a brilliant wee ship...experience with that will change as I havent had time yet to engineer it, but as an A rated small combat ship, its really does shine. Not everyone loves the shape or the way the landing gear folds into the frogs legs at the back, but I really think its actually a very nice touch...kudos to whoever designed this little gem. Its no python but fer the money, and at a shade under 20m places it more or less between the asp and the python in terms of multi roles, it does the job perfectly.

As fer everything else...aint had time to experience everything yet but considering that was patchday itself, I was pleasantly saurprised to see I could play at all. Hardly any lag or glitching out although there is some odd clipping when jumping to another system.

Some faith has been restored in this old codger ^
I got on last night and didn't finish until 3am lol and had to get up and drive to work in the snow at 7am :(

My First job was to pick up a Cheiftain from Jameson's and A rated, then jumped to all 3 materials traders (was a trader for each within a couple of jumps which was nice) and traded down some G5's for a decent stock of necessary materials for getting the Chief to G3/G4 standard.

Made the rounds, starting with Farseer, was impressed it only took 5 roll's each to get a max G3 DD and FSD, I was quite happy with 35% FSD and 130% DD, Full armour and A6 Shields boosting to 485 & Jumping 20+ LY.

Carried on to various Engineers, Shields, PP, etc. pinning the most useful Blueprints (finally a use for Elvira lol)

Was very impressed with the new Planets, panning to head out to Pleiades sector with the Chief and bust some Goids, I also spent a little time improving my FDL engineering.

Mission boards look good, rep grind should be easier now and I saw lots of G5 Materials rewards that will be perfect for trading down.

Anyway, back to work...
Only had a couple hours yesterday...

1) Raced from Ceos to the closest system selling the Chieftain.
2) Raced from that system to IX.
3) Got Chieftain transferred to IX. (Yes, I'm cheap. And a loyal customer. Dealt with them before. Excellent service!)
4) Got Chieftain A-rated. (Darn! everything but the Thrusters...)
5) Looked for another LYR system with 6A Thrusters. Piriti next door!
6) Raced to Piriti. Can't just buy a module and put it straight in storage??? Come on!!! Downgrade Python 6A thrusters to cheapest but keep 6A thrusters in storage, buy new 6A thrusters for Python, sell cheap thrusters.
7) Raced back to Ceos.
8) Got Chieftain and thrusters transfered.
9) Went to bed.
10) Checked this morning, Chieftain and thrusters at station. Fitted thrusters to Chieftain. Got Victor installed in Chieftain while I'm at it. Gotta work...
11) Going to try it at the Nav Point a bit at lunch break to test it out!

EDIT : I like! :)
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I have been trying in vain to get that bloody update at all.

Perhaps it is my mailbox, but there is such a long time between the pop-up window asking for a code and the actual e-mail arriving, that the pop-up with the code request times out. When I enter the code, it relogs me and asks for a new code, which takes like 15-20 minutes to arrive. I relogged several times, thinking I must have made a typo, before I noticed that each time a new code is sent and any previous is invalidated. Now I apparently have to wait maybe 1-2 hours before I receive the last requested code. By then, the pop-up will have timed out again and I can only hope the next pop-up will stay active until I can get a valid code. :S
Went down to Dunyach in Ross 490. Its a nice high tech station in the heart of Hudson territory. But it was flipped to Alliance on the weekend by the generous folks upstairs at the AEDC. So being an Alliance High Tech of course it has the Alliance Chieftan. I think I spent about 27 MCr with outfitting. I hadn't really stored anything specific ahead of 3.0. I like MultiCannons so I took the new frog (its green) off to see Todd the Blaster - and I must say his base is a LOT darker than I remember it being. My materials storage was full from before the drop, so I had no troubles engineering 3 multis up from scratch and even put an experimental effect on the small one.
Took it to a Haz Rez. There used to be one in Ross 490, but they've moved around a bit in 3.0.
I talk like I know what I'm doing, but I'm such a terrible combat pilot that I barely made it out alive, after taking out the grand total of one expert Python. I don't know what I did wrong with the KWS, but I got nothing for the kill.

Then I flew halfway out to the California Nebula to see the new Alliance Orbis "California Gateway". That was the result of the mining CG held by the Spinward Marches Alliance Concern.

It's a nice Orbis and I spent a bit of time with the free camera. Finally selected an ammonia life gas giant that's in the same system to see if there were Thargoids in USSs there.

Then the server disconnected and I'm fast asleep.

* new planets are stunning, highest praise possible. I want to fly up and look at everything now alongside landing on each new style of planet I see.

* not hitting 1000/1000 storage every ten minutes is an utter godsend and the material trading is great.

* using the new trade routes for a spot of piracy ;)

* general ui tweaks in the ship like moving galnet, poweplay etc next to engineering - great.

* srv seems sturdier and less prone to spinning?

* mission rewards are a good idea.

Haven't tried wings or bought the new ship yet but overall this is a solid 9/10 for me.
I was parked at Jameson Memorial, so I switched to my exploration Clipper and modified the loadout for surveying planets and structures.

Then I headed out to Col 173 Sector HR-M b23-3 B 7 because it was shown on a screen in the new Ram Tah video released yesterday. I find the 2 expected Guardian ruins, and a new thing... a Guardian structure!

I'm not going to go into huge detail due to spoilers, but I spent about 4 hours there mucking around the location. My only advice is to"git gud" at controlling your SRV and the turret. You'll need that turret control to defend yourself. :)
I spent all my time playing yesterday collecting everything that isnt nailed down, so I can engineer the Chieftain I just bought. If it was the old system I could have completely Engineered it to G5 yesterday and actually enjoyed playing the game and doing actual missions or exploring. Today I will be still collecting mats and data. Same with the next day and probably the day after that. At this rate I might be able to head out with a properly engineered Chieftain by April.
For now, my impressions on this update are very positive.

Yesterday I played for about 4 hours, my only goal was to convert my convoy ship to the new engineering system (for using in the Silly Ships Exp. that will be departing soon.)

In the process I visited some planets, USSs, stations and bases.

My thoughts so far:

• The new material storage system is a massive positive change.
• For me, hard to find materials are now spawning without a torture section of days.
• Engineering changes are a very welcome change, converting your modules to the new system is very straightforward.
• However, I wasn't able to find any "Datamined Wake Exceptions", in the old build they were "easily" found.
• Not being able to find any "DWE", I tried to find any data broker using the Galaxy map . No luck, I ran to Inara.
• I listened to the new Galnet audio thing and I liked, I think that this has great potential.
• Nice new "hit animation" when shooting rocks.
• My Type 10 appears to have gain new sounds, especially when the front engines are fired.
• Planets are a different topic, I need more time to draw any conclusion, but I can say that, for now, I'm very pleased with the new look.

Thank you FD [big grin]
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Once I realized that the wing-trade mission for 2.2 mil was just 8 LY away, and I could just ferry the stuff myself, I hopped into my type-7 and got to it. It's almost like an individual CG with the "local depot" component. A nice addition. The galmap trade features, while I'm still learning them, seem helpful and especially the CMDR routes. Finally, being able to browse prices at remote markets is nice though I confused the "import to/export from" terminology at first. I like how they show the expected profit. This will make return trips from things like CGs, wing missions, even Powerplay activities, more productive.
I was looking forward to the trade system but I can't seem to work it out. When I mark a station as compare in commodities market I then go to the commodity market of the station I am in and expect to see profitable trades but all I get is an extra column with blank values. I can view the import export prices, but it means I have to set each commodity manually one at a time, in the galmap. I'm also not sure about the maximum distance, it seems pretty small. I would think it would be better to present data for the last x number of systems visited, regardless of distance so that server load can still be managed but the data is more useful to individual commanders.

Maybe I'm just trying to use it wrong.

Also the mission system seems to have taken a hit, now presenting winged missions over all others and the people I've built reputation with are offering me missions I have no interest in. 22kly courier or passenger missions are not appreciated for the offered rewards.
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• For me, hard to find materials are now spawning without a torture section of days.
ah, forgot to mention this! i no longer have to drive for anything up to 15 minutes a pop to find one shootable rock - i can't seem to move for them now, which is fine by me.

the ONE thing i'd like, is if on trader menus it has a small hint somewhere to remind me what [obscure named thing] is used for - a bit of a pain to hit 4 and scroll through lists of materials/data (do they even show unless you have at least 1 unit? i don't remember) but it might make things a bit cluttered. otherwise i'm finding it easier to keep a few wiki pages open.
I tried jumping to the next system on a 17 jump trip.

And that's as far as I got. Lol

3.0 is good so far. It encouraged me to do other things, like chores, and video editing. :p

Most productive. update. ever.

CMDR Cosmic Spacehead
I jumped on last night while my wife was watching TV, and man was I a happy CMDR.

First, I learned a lot of new stuff listening to GalNet audio while running trade missions. Yeah, it needs a little tweaking when you're auto-docking, but it's pretty awesome.

Next, I was already super close to topping out as an Federation Admiral, and the fact that I could sacrifice credits to gain rep faster was awesome!

Also, and it could just be me, but on my XBOX my Python's interior seemed to look better, and it also seemed to handle better - this could just be that I hadn't flown it in a week?

That said, tonight we plan to work Wing Mission during our livestream (I'm very close to being Elite in trade)
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