Discussion 3.3 BGS Changes and the Journal File

With the revealed BGS changes for Beyond 3.3, while they propagate to the journal?

If so, I hope FDEV will release the new Journal Manual at the start of the beta so that changes can be made for the parsers everyone is using (and bugs found quickly).
Yes, there'll be a new journal manual at the start of the beta. It feels like they've not already released it due to potential spoilers for the livestream reveals.

I'm hoping they've remembered to add all relevant new/changed data to existing events or new ones. Failing that I hope they have some dev time pencilled in during the next week or two in order to implement the good suggestions we'll inevitably have.
No, an FDev dev has said it will be released on Tuesday when access to the beta opens. The quote is "The next update of the docs will be when the beta starts", from 15th Oct 2018.
Waiting too. Currently my parser is adding +1, if no reward by goods\materials. Approximate, but better, than nothing...
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