3 New Anarchy/Pirate, BGS, C&P ideas to help gameplay

3 Bullet points that I think will strongly improve both overall gameplay and the BGS with Anarchy style systems.

1 (and 2): Influence and One New Faction Type

Anarchy Faction: All ill-gotten and illegal goods are able to be sold to their markets Increasing their influence within the system. They would continue to have their own missions.

New Organized Crime Faction: A system ran by a hierarchy like any real life OC group where Most ill-gotten or illegal goods can be sold which Increase the factions influence and power... EXCEPT for goods they deem illegal (IE: slaves) which will not only decrease influence to them, but be grounds for death if caught. They would have missions, some with special new types of OC related mission.

Negative Aspects: As a result, factions (like Federation for example) would refuse to knowingly do trade/delivery missions with these 2 factions... BUT you can, for example, still sell narcotics, etc. bought from Anarchy/OC markets to Imperial/other willing markets, and to all Black Markets through your own trading. Just no "on the books" missions (IE: Boom Delivery), except maybe for special scenarios. These factions would also have issues with security in their system as a trade off for the positive influence gained by illegal means. (Low/No for OC; None for Anarchy) Similar to the Lawless in Anarchy controlled stations like we have now.

Leading to the most important part...

#3: Pirate/Smuggling/O-C levelling system

Create a system (or 2 systems preferably) of levelling (like Federation, Trade, Combat, etc.) of pirating and Organized Crime ranks. This would be implemented by the higher your rep rank in Organized Crime the more high profile people and bosses you are allowed to interact and receive missions from. (IE ranking up to a Sergeant allows you to meet with Mob Captain's for a higher profile mission.) All the way up to being an O-C boss. You would also have a smaller "Pirate/ smuggling" rank that tells you if you are good enough for said mission just like trade or combat does now.

Personal note: I would love to see more detail when it comes to being a smuggler or pirate and these are just some ideas I had to expand it and make it more interesting. If like to know if other people would like to see these things implemented as well.
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