3D Skin Preview

I'd like to request the ability to view all skins inside of the Hammond Creation Labs so that we actually know what they will look like before we spend the time and money to create our dinos.

This is the biggest reason why I don't waste my time using skins because I have no clue how they are going to turn out beforehand and I hate when one comes out looking worse than my previous choice. I either have to live with it, sell it, or kill it at that point.

I also believe it would be best to be able to see the preview in 3D so that the dinosaur's model could be zoomed in on and spun around in the preview window.
Yes please, I have been wanting this from the start. Always hated that you can't preview the skin without looking it up online
This would be nice, but I'd be content if the dino profile picture changed to match the selected skin.
Honestly would be perfectly fine with that too, I thought that would change based on what skin you chose when the game released. Was disappointed when it didn't
Whatever is added, the skin should in any case not be revealed before you incubate them the first time. Any preview should only be visible after incubating that skin once.
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