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Greetings Commanders.

We're here again! The next launch event in quick succession, following that of the Console Copy Portal yesterday.

As many of you are aware, we’ve outlined our plans to enable Commanders the option to launch Horizons and Odyssey, both as version 4.0, available for all PC players.
This means that all Commanders entering into the Galaxy on 4.0 versioning for Horizons and Odyssey (already 4.0) will be able to engage in the Aftermath narrative phases, enjoy four-player multicrew, see the graphical and UI improvements and much more!

To recap our latest statements:

Now, the other important bits...
Our schedule for release of the updated versioning of 4.0 is planned for tomorrow.
Exact information on Server Downtime will be available as part of the 'Live Release Tracker Thread*', early tomorrow morning (Approx 9am BST).

We estimate downtime to be approximately 3 hours.

Comms plans:
  • *A 'Live Release Tracker Thread' (I just made that name up...one of my locked information threads, basically. Like this) will be available to you shortly ahead of downtime, so you can be kept in the loop with necessary information and trajectory.
  • Feel free to use this thread (as in the one you are reading now), as somewhere to hold discussion outside of that locked thread in the meantime.​
  • For this release, the tracker thread will be the one which then unlocks for use with continued engagement/comments between everyone, as you all get back into game.​
Hope this makes sense!

Important Note:
We're very busy behind the scenes right now, making preparations for yet another big step in the future development of your experiences within our Galaxy with this.
Please do accept my apologies for lighter than usual interaction here, ahead of tomorrow, in regards to this collaborative effort across all teams o7

All our best, Commanders.
See you in the black.
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Will EDH 4.0 client share the same files as EDO 4.0 client or will we will end up with 3 copies of the game (EDH 3.8, EDH 4.0, EDO 4.0) installed if we want to swap between the versions?
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Odyssey is already version '4.0' is it not, and has been since launch? More specifically, it shows 4.0.14 in-game now.
Ah sorry for the...Little bit muddled on my part because of - I won't lie, my brain getting a bit of dev mixed with all sorts. You're right, yes, absolutely Odyssey is known as 4.0 but they'll be both 4.0 from here on out >_< I am so sorry about this. I'll try and make things clearer.
Wow! No rest for the weary Devs? That's amazing considering our Mass Migration yesterday! I'm genuinely impressed by the hard work of the whole team!

This is a lot of heavy lifting for the whole team between the migration and now the 4.0 update. Thank you for keeping us in the loop, Sally! You and the Community Management team are working really hard to keep the info flowing on two major development areas!
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