Community Event / Creation 50k Fuel Rat Art Contest: When a Rat Meets a Thargoid

+++ Submissions closed +++

Heads up creative Commanders!

The Artist Collective of the Fuel Rats launches it's first open Rat Art Contest in celebration of the Fuel Rats' 50,000th rescue.
All Commanders across the Galaxy are invited to collect their quills and brushes and sketch up artwork along the line

"Fuel Rat Meets Thargoid"

Submission starts at November 19 with the presumed end of 3.3 beta, and ends on December 17, 3304. Post 'em in this thread after Nov 19 or send them to us through the fuelratart link.
Our Post Rats are now eagerly awaiting to get their paws your submissions!

For the happy winners, Frontier has proposed gift codes, so expect a nice paintjob! Also, we throw in a real-life PVC badge that we will happily throw your way. And of course an entry in our Art Rat's cave.

[ Read more about the contest details ]

Note that we confirm all submissions. Forum submissions rep here counts as confirmation.

Cheers and \^o">
Uvelius Sång
FRACurator, Fuel Rat Artists Collective

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Sagittarius Eye Bulletin on the FRAContest!

(Thanks Alec for pointing it out)
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Excellent contest ! Do you have any requirements regarding the minimum size and the format of the artwork ?
Rule of thumb: Which quality would cast the best light on your submission? Not asking for 1200 dpi and above, of course ;)

So, blotted JPG compressions might probably not be the best of all ideas. As would be thumbnailish contributions with <75 dpi.
Format: Any conventional universal web format would do so all our board rats can view it. JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, ASCII txt, you name it ...
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We have a winner!

It is ... winning 100% of all votes as number 1 ...


Followed closely by

ian baristan


... who is second place by votes, extremely closely followed by Beetlejude, I have to say ... a really really close vote there.

the winner and the follow-up will receive their prices as soon as they are sorted :)


And thanks to all contributors, all of your work was really really much appreciated.
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Frontier just issued some nice price codes for the winners. Not just a paint job, so ... have fun, artists! Well deserved!

... aaand the certificate :)

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Well done everyone, some grweat pics here! :)

Congrats, Florenus! [up]

If I'd done a submission it'd had speech bubbles in it:
Fuel Rat: "I've got fuel, you don't. Any questions?"
Thargoid: "Greetings, Edible Poet! We cone in Zero-G Cricket! Take me to your Hoopy Disease!"
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