65000 Ly from Sol Club, thread the fourth

With the advent of carriers that can ferry someone from the Formidine Rift to Salome's Reach without them even logging in the mere fact that your ship has been 65k from Sol is no longer an achievement in and of itself. Submissions to the 65k Club will be accepted until 08-31-3306 if a lack of carrier assist can be demonstrated with EDSM flight log or similar, after which no further entries will be added.

The 48h Challenge list will be maintained for the foreseeable.

CMDR Jermus' tenure as the holder of the list has come to an end, and I have taken over as the 4th holder of the list.


Greetings, fellow Explorers!

This list of CMDRs who have gone beyond 65000 light-years from Sol represents those who have gone about as far from humanity’s birth as possible at this time. Perhaps one day we will go beyond this galaxy of ours; on that day, we will likely construct a new list. But until that day, here are the CMDRs who have taken their ships as far as possible.

Akira Masakari created the list of the CMDRs that breached the 65KLY distance from Sol in October 3301; this list has since been moved and updated by Hanekura Shizuka, maintained by Jermus for a time and is currently present in this thread in it's fourth incarnation.

This thread aims to continue the goals of Akira’s original thread; to chronicle the acts of the people who have demonstrated the fortitude to take their ships to the very edge of the galaxy, to the end of the Sagittarius Carina Arm. To do this either requires crossing The Abyss, the gap between the Scutum Centaurus and Sagittarius Carina arms, or making a detour of tens of thousands of light-years to the eastern edge of the Galaxy to go directly up the Sagittarius Carina Arm. It is a challenge in every respect; it requires endurance to make it that far from home, excellent navigational skills to find paths through near-empty space, and the steely nerves to push a ship to its limits in terms of fuel and maintenance. We present the very best, those capable of such skill and courage, here in this thread, and to tell their stories.

All of the information can be found in a Google spreadsheet, located here.

How to Join

  1. Go to a system 65000 LY from Sol or more. Distance is always calculated from Sol, not your starting point. The distance between your current system and Sol determines the distance for this list, not the targeted distance that can be seen from the cockpit.
  2. The run must be made in the main game environment - no runs in Beta allowed. Sorry, but part of the challenge of the 65k club is readying, earning the money for, and purchasing the equipment needed.
  3. Please submit to this thread a full screenshot that shows your distance from Sol on the Galaxy map and a picture of Sol targeted with your commander name in it. If you have already left the system, a full Galmap picture with a system over the 65k line, that shows explored (white icon) to you will do the job.
  4. Also, please submit the following information within the post to this thread:

  • CMDR name
  • Date of reaching 65000 ly
  • Ship Type
  • Maximum Distance from Sol (screenshot should verify this)
  • Any other interesting information

If it helps, please use the template below for the information:

When posting an entry, I ask for the following information AS A TABLE ENTRY:

CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
If this isn’t tough enough for you, we have another challenge that might interest you:

The 48-Hour Challenge

Current Record: CMDR JJ Goldberg, at 3:43:10 from Sol to Beagle Point.

The 48-hour challenge is as follows: Go from the core worlds to Beagle Point in 48 hours or less. Traditional starts have occurred at Beagle 2 Landing in Asellus Primus; however, for the sake of flexibility, any system with a station within 350 ly of Sol is acceptable.

Disclaimer: Sitting without moving for long periods of time can have potentially hazardous health consequences. Perform this run at your own risk. Please research and understand the risks before making such an attempt, and refrain from making an attempt if it would not be safe for you to do so. Also, please be sure to remain active while piloting, in particular getting up and moving every so often and exercising and moving your legs while piloting, to help mitigate these health issues.

That said, how cool is it to run something that requires a disclaimer?

The list of those who have met the 48-hour Challenge can be found on a different sheet of the link above.

How to Enter
  1. Read all of these notes before starting!
  2. Post your intent to race in this thread (optional, but should get you some good luck wishes and might lead to friend requests from others underway at the same time so you can track each others' progress). Include the following: Your commander's name, Ship name, Ship type. Also, please indicate if you have Engineering-adjusted equipment or no (Engineering-adjusted equipment is is allowed in Unlimited class).
  3. When ready to make the run, get to a station within a system within 350 ly of Sol. Common choices for starting points include Galileo Station in Sol and Beagle 2 Landing in Asellus Primus. Make repairs, fuel up, ensure the ship is configured exactly how you want it for the run - it's a long way back if you miss something!
  4. Open the Outfitting screen and capture a screenshot (F10) of your ship. Be sure to capture Power Plant, Thrusters, Frame Shift Drive and Power Distributor statistics as well as your ship's mass. (Also, these items are important to capture to show whether or not they have been modified)
  5. Return to the surface and prepare for launch (it is strongly suggested that you plot the first leg of your route before capturing a start time!).
  6. Hit F10 to take another screenshot, or start your video capture, showing your start location and time.
  7. Launch and get going!
  8. Navigate your way to Beagle Point
  9. Upon arrival at Beagle Point, open up the galaxy map and take another screenshot showing your current position (i.e. the fact that you are in the Beagle Point system!) and the time. Congratulations, you made it! (Alternatively, once Jacques Station is located at Beagle Point, a screenshot from Jacques Station showing location and time is acceptable.)
  10. Having completed the 65,000+LY run to Beagle Point, you now have a wonderful opportunity: to turn around and fly all the way back again, by your own route and at your own pace. Enjoy!
  11. Post a message in this thread, with the following:

  • Your commander's name
  • Your ship's name
  • Your ship type
  • If you used Jumponium
  • If you modified any component in your ship
  • Your total race time
  • Links to your three screenshots: Outfitting, start time/location and finish time/location (if you've recorded video, please extract screenshots of these three rather than just sending / linking to the entire video!

65KLYFSC disclaimer: the distance on your club membership application is the distance with which you will be listed as a member of the 65000 Ly from Sol club. Think twice before applying: the distance (nor the date) will be changed later on (that is, if the maintainer of the list can remember not to grant special treatment...)
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CMDR Jermus' tenure as the holder of the list has come to an end, and I have taken over as the 4th holder of the list.

I'd like to thank Cmdr Jermus for all his hard work supporting explorers. o7 Jerrmus!

I did post my Beagle Point distance in the old 65,000 LY Club thread but I never posted my maximum distance achieved while out in the Solitude Void so here it is as extracted from my travelogue (the link to the travelogue is in my sig):

Maximum Achievable Distance from Sol-65,605 LY's



Kinnara is a good ship and I'm still glad I came out here in the Asp Explorer which, in my opinion, is a more comfortable ride than the Anaconda. The maximum boosted jump range is 83 LY's and we just ran out of reachable stars.....

CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
65604.91Asp Explorer
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Just cos you're the first person to post on the new thread you get away with it - but the disclaimer at the bottom of post #1 still generally applies.
CMDR Nevill Clavain

CMDR Date Distance Other Notes
Nevill Clavain 20-May-3304 65279 Beagle Pt Expedition, Anaconda


Second Entry


I just arrived at Oevasy SG-Y do for the second time. Could I submit a second or updated entry?

Name:CMDR Marko2612
Ship:Water Horse
Ship Type: Lakon Type 7 Transporter
Distance From Sol: 65647.32Ly
Jumponium? Yes, lots of it
Engineered: Yes, FSD engineered for range
Race Time: About 4 weeks. I'm not winning any races.
Comments: First Type 7 to Oevasy SG-Y d0 I think.




Let me know if you need anything else.

Greetings everyone, this is my first post at the Frontier forums. I am happy that it is about finally breaking 65,000 ly from Sol.

CMDR: Plythe Blaze
Ship: Anaconda
Ship Name: Bebop
Date reached 65,000 ly: 06/07/2018
Distance: 65627.06 ly
Engineered: Yes
FSD Boost: Yes

Apologies, I did not realize until after the original post that the links used for my images were broken. I can not modify my original post, and so I am replying to it and posting images of proof below:


Thank you for continuing this list for us latecomers.

CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Qildail7-Jun-330465647.34Anaconda "Last Plane to Lisbon"


Apologies, I did not realize until after the original post that the links used for my images were broken. I can not modify my original post, and so I am replying to it and posting images of proof below:

Thank you for continuing this list for us latecomers.

CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Qildail7-Jun-330465647.34Anaconda "Last Plane to Lisbon"

Welcome to the club.
I'm very honored to send my application to this club I've always wanted to be a part of, ever since my first return from Sag A*.
Successfully arrived at Beagle Point on June 9th, 3304, after an arduous journey! (65279.35 ly from Sol)


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I humbly submit my 65000+ LY from Sol Club application:

CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Keef Drow1-June-330465714Anaconda



The map distance qualifies, but went 67 LY farther by supercruise and do not have a Sol permit.

Thank you!
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