65000 Ly from Sol Club, thread the fourth

Thank you @iain666 I clearly gave up on beeing in this list with insufficient requirements, i do add that no polonium as been used at all as the 44,3Ly of my Dolphin were enough as a jump range :)

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o7, Commanders.

EDSM told me I earned the 65000ly badge on May 5th, 3305 - This is a link to my public profile: https://www.edsm.net/en/user/badges/id/67853/cmdr/Buanzox

I reached BP during Distant Worlds 2, then Semotus Beacon during the early planning stages of Clockwise Explorers 3305 (Part Voyager Route, then galactic circumnavigation with an eastern approach to the Bubble, discord invite here: https://discordapp.com/invite/EZZFUEA ). Here's the build of my Asp Explorer "Zephram": https://s.orbis.zone/3bvu - Some screenshots, but more at my twitter profile: https://twitter.com/buanzox

CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Buanzox5/5/330565,647.34lypost-DW2, Semotus Beacon, AspX


I am currently sitting 65,130Ly from Sol at https://www.edsm.net/en/system/id/27564828/name/Hyia+Eohn+SG-J+d10-1 :


Hope this suffices! :D

Cheers, fellow explorers.
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CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
SonicWaver25-May-330565279.35[DW2], Anaconda: A Ship With a View
CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Keegs5/31/201965,647DW2, Imperial Clipper
CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Buanzox5/5/330565,647.34lypost-DW2, Semotus Beacon, AspX
DistanceOther Notes
65647.34[DW2], Semotus Beacon, Krait MkII
CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Loboncka26-May-330565,279.35LY[DW2] [34D-DW], Type-10 "Death or Glory"
o7 Cmdrs, welcome to the club.

This is the 65,000 Ly from Sol Club, just another 40k to go :D

(If you want the Sgr A* visitors thread that's pinned at the top of the page)
CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
TheOriginalBastard8-Jun-330565,647[DW2], Anaconda

As a last-minute entrant to Distant Worlds 2, I then also became a last-minute visitor to Beagle Point (and then Ishum's Reach!) I might have gotten there sooner, but after the Explorer's Anchorage CG I ended up parking my Beluga back in the bubble and getting an Anaconda with a much longer jump range.
Note: It didn't occur to me to get a picture of my CMDR name in this, but you can see my EDSM profile where it shows I've been there.


This is where I decided to park for the night:

Back at Beagle Point, I joined up with CMDR Jeff God of Biscuits as he flew in:
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