65000 Ly from Sol Club, thread the fourth

CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Seth Bradwell29-05-330665,847 LyDiamondback Explorer
Jump range: 58.4 Ly

Hope this will be accepted, I foolishly failed to include my CMDR name in the screenshot and wanted to wait till I returned to the Bubble before submitting my evidence (this is actually my second time beyond 65 kLy but my ship got destroyed by a neutron star jet on my way back from the first attempt so to me that didn't count). Anyway this is my looking back at Sol from Oevasy SG-Y d0:

Here's a screenshot of my Travel Map with Oevasy SG-Y d0 highlighted:
EDSM Oevasy Screenshot.jpg

Further evidence that I did indeed visit there can be found in https://www.edsm.net/en/poi-visitors-list/index/id/1695466/name/Oevasy+SG-Y+d0/p/18 - I jumped in on May 29, 2020, 12:55:42 PM.
I'll put this on my radar, as I've been planning another Buckeyball Classic run to the center, in a vanilla Diamondback (albeit Grade-A components, but no other enhancements), which is closer to 38ly jump range. On the other hand, I heard a report of a hurricane coming to my area in a day or so, so if you don't hear from me in a while, you know why.

Given my Cobra run to the center was under a day, and I'll be using something with upwards of double the jump distance, combined with this being at or around twice as long, it's definitely doable.
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I'd like to submit my first trip to Beagle Point:

CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
UnoToro3306-08-0765,279.35 LYDiamondback Explorer
Jump Range: 35.64 LY Fueled, 39.61 LY Max

Screenshots to show I'm there: I couldn't target Sol without the permit, so I've targeted A. Centauri for my cockpit picture



Screenshot to show that I got hear without a carrier taxi:
Link to my EDSM flight logs for further verification: https://www.edsm.net/en/user/flight-logs/id/110738/cmdr/UnoToro

Screenshot 2.png

I hope this is sufficient. I'm also hoping/planning to have a shot at 48 hour run once I've gotten back to the bubble and engineered a ship properly.
I am currently in the process of setting up for my Classic Buckeyball run with a vanilla Diamondback (so the cross-referencing with them should help my legitimacy, doubly as I am too new to be able to afford a carrier without some kind of blatant cheating), stripped down to the barest essential parts in the hopes I can kill two birds with one stone and also attempt reaching Beagle Point while I'm headed in that vague direction.

This post acts as a mark for cross-referencing purposes, and while not denoting the precise time of start, can be used to help validate the historical accuracy of this attempt I intend to commence today. There will be screenshots after the attempt is done, so this post does not mean the clock starts ticking now. It is only to help create a cross-reference for validation and legitimacy purposes.

Starting statistics:

CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Golden-Knight3306-08-1065,279.35 LYDiamondback Explorer, doublling Buckeyball Sag'A* Classic Challenge
CMDR RP-name "Jason Blaze", ship name "Lonely Bachelor"

Will end by 8-12-2020, if all goes well...I fully intend on completing the 48 hour challenge, even though as of this writing, I'm saddling up and doing last-minute preparations.

Semper Bellum.
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Made it to Sag'A just now, and given the time I made, combined with the comparatively loose 48 hour window for the journey, this is a good time for a lunch break. :p No records were broken in the making of this effort, which has me INCREDIBLY BUMMED!


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Did it years ago

Nothings an achievement anymore

Everybody gets a ribbon

Wouldn't want anyone to feel bad...
Nothing's an achievement anymore.

I noticed, and it SUCKS! But for different reasons: all the achievements have already been claimed...many times over. And to me, that sucks out most of the fun in Elite.

Also I had to fix some punctuation up there. I'm sure you wouldn't mind (or notice).
1 day in, and MY GOD is it mind-numbing! I admit, I DID have to sleep for 8 hours, but still, I'd better be halfway to my goal by now. Probably won't have enough time for a second sleep. See attachments for progress report.


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We still call it the 48h challenge but you've got less than an eighth of that to be setting records round here these days ;)

I was referring to a different record, specifically the fastest time in a vanilla Diamondback from Moon to Sag'A. But yeah, I was never planning on going for THAT record. Though yeah, vanilla ship with no boosts or anything, making the trek in 48 hours...that is still pretty hardcore. Getting within a couple hundred jumps now, and let me tell you, it's no joke. In fact, it's kinda like SUPER Buckeyball. XD :p
  • Your commander's name - CMDR Golden-Knight
  • Your ship's name - Lonely Bachelor
  • Your ship type - Diamondback Explorer
  • If you used Jumponium - NOPE!
  • If you modified any component in your ship - NOPE! Eligible for Buckyball Classic
  • Your total race time - 38:30:49 (assuming my Math is correct, the details are in the pictures - either way, 48 Hour Challenge SUCCESS!!!)
  • Links to your three screenshots: See Attached Files. For more extensive cross-referencing verification that the times reported are legitimate, see the series of screenshots here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17IXL7h_hfpqxXkbKyeIS-aRc-ytk-TSx?usp=sharing

CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Golden-Knight3306-08-1265,279 LYDiamondback Explorer, doubling Buckyball Sag'A* Classic Challenge
CMDR RP-name "Jason Blaze", ship name "Lonely Bachelor"
48 Hour Challenge SUCCESS!!!


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CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Golden-Knight3306-08-1265,279 LYDiamondback Explorer, doubling Buckeyball Sag'A* Classic Challenge
CMDR RP-name "Jason Blaze", ship name "Lonely Bachelor"
48 Hour Challenge SUCCESS!!!

o7 Cmdr, added to both sheets.

I just saw that my entry (#45) doesn't have distance, here's two screenshots for proof, if you want them :

Two jumps to get there, I assume ;)

Sheet updated.
CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Whopper708-08-330665,647 LyAnaconda
Jump range: 65.01 Ly
Beagle Point POI - p.55 @ Aug 8, 2020, 3:39:20 AM
2020-08-24 21_55_08-Photos.png

Beagle Point (20200808-034332) (HighRes) (40) (70) (60).png
Beagle Point (20200808-044734) (HighRes) (40) (70) (60).png

Beagle Point (20200808-034425) (HighRes) (Medium).png

I use EDDiscovery (which is where I pulled the GalMap image from) and it failed to convert the pictures from Oevasy SG-Y d0, but I can post the jump log from Colonia if needed. Likewise, I failed to grab a picture showing the right hand panel, but I hope the GalMap (or log, if needed) plus the picture of my obnoxious bubble letters will suffice. I could also throw the Oevasy SG-Y d0 bitmaps to Imgur as well.
I decided to go to the other side of the galaxy for my summer vacation :p
CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Y_KEITA24-Aug-330665,647.34LyAnaconda (72.95ly)

The ship was renamed from Discovery to commemorate reaching Beagle point. (The screenshots are from Oevasy SG-Y d0)


Edit: added EDSM Travel Map capture
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After a 2 year hiatus on a deep space moon rock, I returned to my trusty ship and decided to visit Colonia to see what all the fuss was about. Since I made it that far, I obviously had to drop by our friendly super massive black hole. And since I made it that far, it was just a short jump to Beagle Point and beyond. Not crazy at all.

But finally I made it :cool:

CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Kimberley Sandoval26-08-330665,647.34 LyAsp Explorer
Jump range: 46.32 Ly

A few pics and links (resolution could be better, but VR you know! :D )

Kim Sandoval distance to Sol.jpg

Kim Sandoval travel map.gif

My EDSM flight log:

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