70 IPD, prsc. glasses, sweaty face fogging

Gear VR, Google Glasses with S8 fog up in seconds, granted, the phone is adding extra heat, but generally it is about having a sweaty fat face. I sweat all the time. I wear t-shirts in Vienna winter, and sweat.

No idea what to buy. GTX 1070 so looking at VR Medium. I want something relatively cheaper, say, €400 or so. €500 maybe.

  • Lenovo Explorer, Dell Visor, heard they have good ventillation but also heard with 70 IPD + glasses the sweet spot will be terrible
  • Rift, I can buy one used, cheap, heard it has a snug fit, likely ventillation, fog issues
  • HP Reverb Pro, not even sold on amazon.de?
  • Rift S?
Further info: uninterested in controllers, simulators only. Fallout VR would not really work on 1070 anyway, Skyrim VR may be cool, but beyond this and simulators I have not found VR games I would like yet anyway.

Edit: Odyssey+ as it is crazy cheap on Amazon.com compared to Amazon.de? But how do I stick that US 110V plug in here? Does that help with both, sweet spot and fogging?
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I use a 10£ fan in the summer directed at my face, torso. The room still gets pretty hot, with the pc working hard to provide me the amazing experience that is Elite in Vr.
Also I use a rift s

By the way it's easier to fit glasses in the rift s compared to the og rift. But only the og rift has mechanical ipd. So I don't know what would be best for you.
Maybe someone with 70ipd can chip in.
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