71 Stop Rare Trade Route *UPDATED*

Looks like its the same route i have been running, i just haven't gone to George Pantazis. I found this image buried away in the forums somewhere:


I'm not very good at trying to work out whet the most lucrative trips to make are

What stations are on the "Rajukru Diamond"? I ask because I was running a rares route with Rajukru (in a Cobra Mk III) just a few days ago - I paused to participate in the current CG.

My route ran Rajukru -> HIP 80364 -> Fujin -> 39 Tauri -> George Pantazis -> Altair -> back to Rajukru. It was nice because I could always fill my 36 T cargo hold for the sell points and could make something like 600,000 credits per hour when humming along well.
I've done something similar with a Type-9, though for me the object is to load up 424 tons of rare goods, which means filling the remaining space with general goods until I'm completely full of rares, then haul those off to the far reaches of civilization to sell there. I haven't done any of these runs since 2.3, as I've been otherwise occupied doing Other Things. But pre-2.2, I referred to this as "Interdiction Evasion Training".
Not that my Type-9 can't handle the average or even above average pirate, it's just really tedious to fight in because it's a ponderous flying warehouse.
I've got an Engineered AspX with 36LY jump range and wanted to try something like this to see how it works.

If it was good in 2.2 then I'll give it a go tonight. Cheers.
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