71 Stop Rare Trade Route *UPDATED*

71 stop route... thats a long route. Might be more fun than my bi-directional route. Made 100 million so far though and got my Python from it.
Thanks for this OP. I've mostly been sitting round a couple of home systems doing trading that way. Will give the routes a go so I can get out and about a bit :)
71 stop route... thats a long route. Might be more fun than my bi-directional route. Made 100 million so far though and got my Python from it.

More often cash outs is way more motivating, so a shorter route might be best for many. I ran the 70-stop route (see the link in the OP to my route) for a while, and it's nice if you want to do something else in between the spawns, but at the end it's more motivating to do a few shorter routes and cash in more often.
Of course, it doesn't pay out anywhere close to what a regular trade route would do, but it's nice for smaller cargo holds.
You are not an idiot. You are playing the game the way you want to.

I wouldn't use external tools either.

Thanks. It's all about freedom: I don't question the players who do use these tools and they don't question the way I love to play the game.
When I say 'idiotic' it's what I imagine might look from the point of view of a trader or someone who thinks earning the most and biggest ships is all what this game is about - then surely I am. The way I just play can't be sensible in their eyes. The beauty of this game is that I'm still able to survive and enjoy the game, I wouldn't 'lose' just because I'm a poor man. I just was about saying "unlike real life" but even that's not entirely true as I'm basically playing the game as I live my life. That's also why I said "I'm not that kind of roleplayer". I actually don't play a role, I'm just the way I am - in the game.

As a side note, you surely have watched these awesome videos of some of the high skilled players. Some of them showing extremely high risk bounty hunting for instance but if you look at their account balance even I start to feel like a millionaire, cause actually I am - barely but true. They obviously don't care. And I still love to play the game as I still love my (relative poor) life. In a way I feel rich cause I don't know any boredom.

Maybe one day I should found the "MONEY STINKS PARTY". ;)
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Some rare commodities can only be sold on the black market in some systems. As for Eshu, I seem to recall that it's a bugged system and quite a few rare commodities won't show up at all, so yeah, next stop should do the trick.
Thanks, good tip.
On the route there are a few stations where the distance from the jump point is listed as unknown. I jotted a couple down as I was doing the route:

Tarack Tor - Tranquillity 362 Ls
Tiolce - Gordon Terminal 160 Ls
Saving it for future fun. I am in my Clipper grinding to Anaconda (via Python) and after I got it I will run my combat Asp through this route. Sure it's only 85 ton of cargo, but I'll also take a scanner, take the scenic route and scan everything on the way. The money generated is bonus lol
Thanks CC Waterback.

I'm currently hauling performance enhancers back and forth between an outpost and a 'seeking luxuries' spot in an ASP. Round travel time is +/-10 minutes and income +/- 150k (Yes, it's a sweet, sweet route).

But when this dries up I'm going to give your route a go.
Thanks so much for putting this together. I've been using this for a couple days to go on an exploring adventure, and it's been very fun.
One quick minor comment. On mitchman's route, stop 49, it's recommended to sell Kamitra Cigars in Eshu, but you can't sell them in Eshu. They don't show up on the commodities market, possibly because they are prohibited. You have to wait until Goman to sell them. Like I said, totally minor, but maybe someone else will need that information one day.

Cheers to those who have put effort into these route creations. :)

Hi Szyslak22,

I just hit Eshu on his route myself and saw this. In my route I sell them in Jaroua. It's only a few more stops. I'm running his route now and making notes as I go. I'll update the PDF once I get through it. If you find another item like this, just look and see if it's in my route and you should be able to sell it wherever I have it listed. Also if the systems won't list the commodity check for a black market in the contacts list and you should be able to sell it there. Also, thanks for the distance notes. I've added them to mine and will put that info in when I update the PDF.;)

I'm considering dipping in to trading, doing rares seems fractionally more interesting than straight up bulk runs. I'd appreciate it if you could advise how much seed money is recommended before starting a run like this. Perhaps a suggestion on a trading noob ship and setup, starting with a multi purpose vessel before moving up to a full fledged trader ship?

Much obliged for your help! What has already been provided looks like a wealth of information from hard work.

Hey Grundfuttock,

I bought a hauler as soon as I could and started doing rares on shorter routes untiil I was able to buy a cobra and get it outfitted. You'll want as good of an FSD as you can get to make the jumps less tedious. Also, as much cargo space as possible. On these long routes you can get filled up and end up having to 'short sell' occasionally. As far as available credits, I've started running with as little as 50k (not advisable since it wasn't enough to cover insurance) but after my first few sell stops I had over a million so it was all good. As general rule tho, you don't want to fly if you don't have the insurance to cover the ship loss. Heck, anything can happen, I've crashed several times from just "falling asleep at the wheel":eek:! I think my favorite ship so far for running these long routes is an ASP. You can get around 116t or so max cargo space plus run an A5 FSD which will give you 20ly jumps fully loaded. This really cuts down on your overall time plus you can have it kitted up enough to take on pirates or do some bounty hunting along the way for a change of pace.:D
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I am running this route with a 120T ASP and I am always short of cargo space. So a Cobra will not be sufficient unless you make stops like you are suggesting.

But you can always sell before and get 90-99% of the highest price
My asp is at 72t and i just adapt this excellent information to my own circumstances. Lower capacity isnt necessarily a bad thing as it cuts down on turn round times...
My asp is at 72t and i just adapt this excellent information to my own circumstances. Lower capacity isnt necessarily a bad thing as it cuts down on turn round times...

I started with 72T but Ion the road I sold Shield Banks, Advanced scanner, Detail surface scanner and replaced my shields with A3 in favor of a 120T cargo space.

BTW instead of Eshu (furthest away in my route for most rares) it would be a good to sell to Wulpa (second furthest) as far as I have understood. I will check prices in both systems and adjust my Excel accordingly :)
If you have a lower capacity ship, you can just skip waiting for the full allotment and just take the initial spawned rare good at any system.
Is it advisable to run this route in a decently equipped 100T Laakon T6 or am I doomed to be pirated or killed this way?
This is playing exclusively in Open, too :)
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I'm at Phiagre and picked up 4 Giant Vertix. The OPs doc mentions 1-3. Edit: 2 more spawned while I was typing this and I'm at 6.

Thanks for doing this gentleman and/or ladies. I've made millions so far and my ASP is starting to like pretty decent.

@moonshiner57: I'm flying an 80-ton ASP and have mostly only been able to half fill my hold. Partly that was due to low funds when I started the run though and being careful to keep reserve funds for insurance and purchases. I'm on leg 5 of the run now and have 40t.
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