News A big thanks to you all!

Best of luck in all future endeavours Michael. Should we ever meet in real life, the first tall frosty beverage of your choice is on me.

Well, I have to say I'm gutted that FDev aren't working on a Thomas the Tank Engine Game, not even "soon" :(

And I guess the idea of Thargoids wielding battle axes just didn't float, ho hum. So who's the new lead producer and new member of the team?

Best of luck with the new project Michael, see you in Colonia ;)
If I may interject here, you're leaving at what is perhaps thee most monumental moment in fdev's development ..the sales are in the top ten across both consoles...the epic 2.4 update...The sales are rocketing. It must be a very very special project to entice you away..

Good luck Michael
Cheers, Michael. Thanks for all your work and dedication that you have put into my favourite game. All the very best for the future - and hope you keep in touch with the Elite community. :)

Sorry for posing off the topic, but I cannot write a personal message to you, Michael, and I can't figure out how to make a post on his profile as well. So I can only hope you will notice this message about an old game of yours, named Kinectimals.

Thing is, you've once shared several Kinectimals tags with the community in this thread:
(posts 11 and 12)

Can you, please, re-upload them if you still have these tags somewhere? It is not a great deal, since I still have those cubs in-game and can transfer them to other people via mobile game, but it would've been nice to have actual scan-tags for those cats - and I failed to save them back in the days.

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