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Philip Coutts

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Really happy for you Michael (whilst sad to see you depart ED). I hope you enjoy you're new project and look forward to seeing what it is.

Right on Commander!
More Steam Thomas?

Hmm.... Lave Radio has a theory that the "secret project" is Thomas the Tank Engine.... Michael Brookes moving to work on it makes that particular hype train look much more likely ;-)

Michael, do please keep writing your science fiction. I've been enjoying Sun Dragon and the Tau Ceti Misssion stories! And good luck with "the secret project" too.

If Michael is working on a Thomas The Tank Engine game, I suspect it would look something like this....

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The end is near and the rats are leaving the sinking ship... my first thought

Hopefully we will not see the game turning into a pewpew-shieldcell-laser-24/7-balancing fest now.

Have fun with your new project.


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Best of luck in the new project Michael.

Thanks for all the great work in Elite, and also especially for facilitating the Community made Spanish translation!
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I wish you the best for your next projet Mickael.

I have just a question.
Who will write the storyline now ? I mean excepting authors ?
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Surely the "secret project" is the one leaked earlier this year:

Video games developer Frontier Developments PLC on Monday said it has licensed rights from an unnamed Hollywood studio to develop its third game franchise.

Frontier said its third franchise will be based on an "enduring movie franchise of global renown", but provided no further details on which movie franchise the game will be based on. It said further details will follow later in 2017.

The new game will be the third developed by Frontier after Elite:Dangerous and Planet Coaster.

"The third franchise is an important next step in our growth. We have chosen to license this particular IP to work with as our third franchise, because we believe we can create something very special. It is creatively stimulating, already has a high worldwide profile, and is a perfect match for our expertise," said Frontier Developments Chief Executive David Braben.

Not sure where speculation of that went, but pretty likely this is what Mr Brookes is now up to.

To OP, best of luck :cool: Before you go, is PS4 getting the Cobra MK4? (well it was worth a shot... ;) )
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Many thanks for your efforts on Elite: Dangerous and also for the novel Elite: Legacy. It showed how dangerous the mission board really could be!
Looking forward to 2.4 and beyond and seeing what other games FD develops in future. Fly safe! o7
Good luck on the new project sir. I'm sure it will greatly benefit from you taking the helm.
Kind of sorry to see you go though, it just won't feel the same without you around here.

Safe winds CMDR 07
Thank you for your work on Elite! It's an incredible game and I look forward to hearing more about the next project. Will it have newsletters and dev updates to look forward to? Alpha and beta testers? :) A sci-fi FPS called Elite: Stories? I can dream...
MB Many thanks for all you have done and good luck with the New Secret
Star Wars

Heck I dont think its really that but fits the bill :)
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