A Complimentary Gift

don’t know if this message is because i completed the new tutorial; is this message for real?

Hello Commander,

The Pilots Federation is pleased to offer a Sidewinder paintjob to all licensed pilots. This is now available in the Livery options available to you.


Jarek Larenth
Pilots’ Federation Administration

This message will expire in 29 days
Yes, check the livery and you should see a sidewinder paint job. Orangy one I think.

Edit: And yes, it's for finishing the tutorial.
Edit: At least I think that's true. Gonna have to check now...
the orange one? very maintenance looking... for some reason i thought that was part of the “CMDR Deluxe” version of the game.
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i see it now, emergence has matte black stripe design (maintenance with attitude) i was looking at basic “vibrant orange” earlier which was part of CMDR Pack
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