a few QOL and odd things...

Queue system for busy starports/ouposts:
this should be fairly self-explanatory as things are we have to sit there repeatedly hitting the request in the hopes we strike at the magic moment, which i find to be just obnoxious having worked in the hospitality business for more than 20 minutes.

Matte black hud backdrops:
it is beyond my understanding why anyone thought it was a good idea to implement the hud elements in its current state, if anyone has not experienced opening the navigation panel only to realise it isn't legible and needing to turn the ship around until the local star is perfectly placed... well then i'm guessing that person hasn't really played the game for more than an hour.
what's with the whole decision to have the dashboard polished to an almost mirrored finish for the likes of the clipper for example? idk
feels like a matte black bg for such elements would help to make a lot of the information actually accessible when required.

Pop-out hud elements:
whilst thinking about the hud, another thing to suggest is the option to remove specific element from it and/or have them pushed to another display such as another monitor, smartphone, tablet or even a smartwatch these days.
my decision to include this suggestion is 3-fold. 1. prevent easy stream sniping for those that don’t find this behaviour fun gameplay, prevent the afore mentioned glare making elements pointless and cleaning up the dashboard for those that find is messy.

Holo sharing:
i think (and initially expected) there to be an option to share holos to our friends for those that don't want to spend to time creating them or don't have the aptitude to get them looking "just right".
i initally thought this was an option because i saw the livestream where someone was kinda delighted at having seen themselves as a holo for the first time, this heavily suggested someone else made it but it turns out this isn't an option which leaves to wonder if the fDev team was ignoring the TOS condition about not sharing an account or if this holo-sharing option is only available to those that work for Frontier.

Proper computer/system info integration:
i find it unbelievable that in this day and age we need to refer to third party tools to search for things like planets we've discovered that have selenium for example. there are so many optional ways to view stats that aren't being utilised, first discovered planet/star/blackhole etc, closest, furthest, biggest, smallest, shortest day.
i thought this was where the codex was going when that was talked about being introduced and i was rather disappointed to see what it actually did for us regarding our exploration data.
as things are we can view stars that have either been visited or not visited via Galmap and that is about it.

Cancel launch option:
surely i don't need to explain anything about this one.

Reduce scanning time:
waiting for bio and geo locations to resolve themselves in the fss takes an undetermined amount of time, for me at least it seems to be around 0.5 - 1 second per site, it is rare but annoying to wait for over a minute for these numbers to resolve and as things are i've taking to simply "moving on" to other planets rather than wait indefinitely, no doubt missing many things i would otherwise have liked to have known about, possibly raxxla.

Srv targeting reticle fix:
it always aims just too low to fire on outcrops and such, surely this is a simple case of giving us a spanner so we can tighten that lose bolt or nut every few hours.

Auto complete system scanning:
surely this shouldn't be a thing? as it is if we drop into a "system" with just a single star the computer tells us it's been 100% scanned, how does the computer know there aren't more objects before we've even honked at it?

Wing missions illegal cargo:
as it is if we accept a wing mission from someone that then goes offline for whatever reason we can be left in the impossible situation of having illegal cargo in our holds with nowhere to drop it off and being hunted/shot down by the local constabulary.
it's not simply the illegal cargo that is awkward about this situation but the way we can't hand them in.

Speed lines pls:
i find the lack of option to turn these things off almost reprehensible, they're all but useless imo... ok scratch that, they are totally useless imo, please add an option to turn them off. they don't even appear to be a hud element.. incase you're wondering what i'm talking about these are the vertical lines that move horizontally to the left and right of the ship when in supercruise. i believe they're supposed to somehow represent the ship moving forwards and have been left in and forgotten about since the days before we had thing that actually represent this such as the speedometer and spacedust.
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