A few questions/suggestions.

After seeing some lets plays i have some questions if it in the future plans.

I've seen the waiting lines and they are really looking good. With a ticket booth on the end.
Does that mean that the guest need to buy ticket from these booths or do we got the option to work with park entrance fee and make the rides free?

I have seen the Ferris wheel and I'm very amused how it looks. The only thing i did see was that the geust were going on the Ferris wheel till it was full without rotating. And there was just 1 entrance to join 1 cabin. Is it not better to make 3 entrance to 3 cabins? So the waiting time is not as long as the previous rtc games and it is still looking realistic when it is rotating to fill the cabins.

And I know coasters are still in the works but how will the coaster stations look like? Will we see the gates per car like it is in all the RL theme parks?

And can we name the attractions/scenery/shop names to our own names in the future?

And lastly, i would love to see that we can scale the scenery and that we can change the lights so you can shoot the light lower or higher.

I hope these questions can be answered. But for now the Alpha looks really nice and I can't wait to see it grow in the upcoming months.
Those are good Questions, i hope a Developer can adress those. I would love to give Signs my own Text, and to be able to angle the colored lights in every direction i chose :)
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