A few suggestions of mine.

Hi there, 100% hyped for this game, love the look of it, the features and the quality of it. A few things i have in my mind right now that i haven't heard about or seen. Modular haunted houses/buildable haunted house rides and large outside seating area's, picnic tables on large spreads of concrete, or open fields, etc.

Large outside seating area's explains itself to be honest, picnic tables, umbrellas on each table, recycling bins, animations of kids playing on the grass or running on the concrete, families relaxing on a table, eating together (we used to have this on the old Zoo Tycoon games). Actual fast food places and restaurants would be nice too, although I'm pretty sure I've heard you guys talk about that before. Having wide open spreads of concrete would also be nice for people to travel across and that we can decorate with benches/scenery as well as paths.

Buildable/ridable haunted rides could be a lot more in depth what with the modular building system this game boasts.

One last random thing that pops to mind, the ability to have lamp posts evenly spread out on a path as you build it, so you don't have to place them absolutely everywhere.

Only gripe i have with what I'm seeing in some videos is when building roller coasters, sometimes when riding them in first person camera, the roller coaster will go through supports and sometimes, other parts of the track, as you seem to be able to build too close. I'm assuming this'll be fixed by the time the game gets released.
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I would like small ice cream or hot dog stands to put in places if i don't feel like making a large food court with modular building, you know kinda like street vendor type things. They are common in theme parks as well.

A few last things, how about an indoor kids play area? Would be insane if you could build it modular also, you know, ball pits, death slides, obstacle courses, we've all been to that amazing indoor play area when we were kids. And I've seen them in theme parks also.

Last thing i would say is please, if you're going to make water parks in this game, sort out the swimming pools. They turned into dangerous, over crowded and unrealistic places in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.
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Yeah that's not a problem if you don't mind that kinda thing but i always tried to make my parks look realistic at least to me. Water parks always ended up looking like a hazard.
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