A final DS4 controller layout from SViking

Hello CMDRs,

Maybe you already have a set of DS4 controller bindings that you're happy with. If not, then try this... you might like it. :)

It's a tweaked and darn-near-perfected version of the one I posted here.

It works really well for simple flight, like exploration and mining. But in combat you'll also be able to execute FA off/on dogfighting maneuvers as well as anybody with a HOTAS, and you'll appreciate having unfettered access to your defenses (including ECM!) without having to change fire groups or interrupt your flying and shooting.

In any event, I've been at this for a while now, but even my obsessive-compulsions have limits. :) This one is the best I can do.


Unbound (for reasons explained here)
d-left / d-right
t-pad (tur = t-upper-right, tlr = t-lower-right, etc. Leave all four of them unbound.)

Flight controls
L-vert/horiz: pitch / roll
R-vert/horiz: F/B thrust / yaw
d-up/down: U/D thrust
L1/R1: L/R thrust

R3 + L1/R1: throttle up / down (continuous)
R3 + L1 + R1: throttle 50%

L1 + R1: toggle FA

T: balance power distribution
S/T/C + R1: divert power to system / engines / weapons
tur + R1: boost

S/T/C + L1: chaff / shield cell / heat sink
L3: charge ECM

tur + L1: toggle hardpoints
tlr + L1/R1: prev / next fire group
L2/R2: secondary / primary fire

Targeting related
C: target highest threat
X: target ahead
+ d-up: prev ship
+ d-down: next ship
+ d-left: prev hostile
+ d-right: next hostile
+ L1/L2: prev / next subsystem

View related
S: toggle headlook
+ d-up: comms panel
+ d-down: role panel
+ d-left: target panel
+ d-right: system panel

Ship functions
tur + d-up: cargo scoop
+ d-down: landing gear SRV: handbrake
+ d-left: ship lights
+ d-right: silent running SRV: dismiss/recall ship

HUD related
tlr + d-up: toggle night vision
+ d-down: switch cockpit mode
+ d-left: decrease sensor zoom
+ d-right: increase sensor zoom

Travel related
T + d-up: throttle 100%
+ d-down: throttle 0%
+ d-left: throttle 75%
+ d-right: supercruise
C + d-up: toggle orbit lines
+ d-down: FSS mode
+ d-left: target next system in route
+ d-right: hyperspace

Wing related
R3 + d-u/r/d/l: wingman 2 / wingman 3 / wingman's target / wingman 1
+ tul: wingman nav-lock

Miscellaneous modes
tul + R1: camera suite

Available for customization
R3 + tll: 1
tul + L1/TCXS: 5
tll + L1/R1/TCXS: 6
d-l/r + L1/R1: 4
d-l/r + t-pad: 8
Hey, thanks for the feedback. :) And good question. I think that there are two main improvements over the version that you linked to.

First, throttle in this version is continuous, rather than in 25% increments. I've settled on a (FA-on) flying/combat style where I use the throttle to roughly match the speed of my opponent, and then use F/B thrust to adjust my distance as needed. With the throttle in multiples of 25%, the F/B thrust has to get used a lot to control the distance; but with continuous throttle, fewer adjustments are needed.

The continuous throttle does use the R3 button, but I find that L3 and R3 really only get clumsy when you're trying to move the sticks at the same time you're holding the buttons down. And again, with the continuous throttle, there's a lot less need to move the F/B thrust stick anyway, so I haven't found the R3 throttle to be intrusive.

The second main improvement, which may not help in "real life" as much as it does in the Challenge Scenarios :) , is that it is now possible to use ECM without interrupting your combat. It does require the potentially clumsy L3 button, but in a pinch you can still steer (and change fire groups, etc) while taking out those pesky missiles.

A third improvement, admittedly marginal, is that U/D thrust is now easier to combine with the other thrust directions --- precisely because it no longer requires L3/R3. The main times that I use U/D thrust (not counting FA-off) is when I'm taking off or landing, and in those situations pitch and roll aren't constantly necessary; so the left thumb can go to the d-pad, and easily combine with the right F/B stick and the L1/R1 side thrusts.

Overall, I think it's objectively slightly better than my previous attempts, but probably not worth changing if you're already happy with the earlier one. And of course I think that any of my layouts are a lot better than the default ones. :)

Thanks again for taking the time to give some positive feedback!

I really like that I can cycle through ships without taking the thumb of the left stick.

Ah, makes sense. That is a really convenient feature.

I had to choose between "prev/next ship" and "prev/next subsystem", as far as which one should be handy in a high-pressure situation... I decided that the second one would be useless unless I could do it in the heat of combat, so I moved the "prev/next ship" bindings.


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How convenient are the tur etc + combos. They look quite cumbersome on paper.

tur + R1 for boost etc.

How comfortable are they?
Shouldn't be a big problem, as you can reach tur very well (though tlr is more comfortable). I personally have boost on triangle + r1, as with vikings previous build posted above.


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Shouldn't be a big problem, as you can reach tur very well (though tlr is more comfortable). I personally have boost on triangle + r1, as with vikings previous build posted above.
Yeh I am still using the old settings. I honestly wondering if these are better.

Might try them out but, it always takes a while to retrain.


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Tried these settings and have to tell you I preferred the older ones.

Having real trouble managing my pips with these awkward binds while trying to fight only Elite NPCs at CNB.

Might have to go back to using d-pad and just living with having to adjust when other binds upset them.


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I ended up putting pips back to default on the D-Pad as it just feels more natural even if I have to re adjust now and again due to a shared d-pad binds.

I also moved silent running off tur + d-right as kept hitting this by mistake.

I have then adopted your new settings which are generally great. I do still mess up between switching firegroups and retracting hardpoints every so often usually when I've had a break from combat. This is due to confusing the touchpad now and again.

Apart from that I love the thrust control and throttle works really well with a controller with these new settings.
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It's mainly muscle memory, I really got used to the pips on OXCS. Sticked mainly with the old setting from Viking with some customisation as mentioned above.

But thanks again to Viking to even come up with these suggestions. Probably would've been too lazy to try that all myself, but it works so much better compared to the standard layout.
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