After a few months away from the game, I decide that the best way to knock off the rust is with some canyon flying, FAO, external camera action. This approach was only somewhat effective... but made for a relaxing flight either way.

Apologies for the few random "signal loss" faded camera changes-- I'm not sure why this happens. Also, for the few unplanned impacts towards the end; this video isn't edited, and I was actually listening to the song while playing and got... carried away.

So, you're flying FAOff from the external camera? You are an ace.

Nice canyons, too. Where were you?
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Thanks Commander! I found this to be a pretty relaxing activity in the game. o7

Hi Commander, thanks for the kind words. This is in the HIP 20277 system, on the "D" moon near Fabian station. I cant remember, off the top of my head, what the ringed planet it's orbiting is called. It's got a few nice spots like this on it. o7
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