A little criticism about the Federation grind...

Because she is the Beauty and the beast in the same body. Something that you can't have in the first 2 days, that only show you what she can do when you A rated and engineered to the teeth. In that moment you'll fall in love.
Best description of Corvette I've read. o7.
Because it's a big-asss battle boat. I've had mine for mere hours and I'm already in love. Only partially engineered, it's still a most formidable foe.
I dont think it's at all hard to get the rank frankly , just do missions that give rep rather than credits . The more rep you get thru missions the quicker you get the rank , at first it can be slow , but the more popular you become the more rep heavy missions you will get . I'm max rep with both fed and empire. Didn't take long to be honest , I did mine in the bubble . Colonia could do with the fed and empire present , seems daft to just have independence only out there / here .
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