A new Planco family member!

Will Flanagan

Community Manager
Howdy, everyone!

Today the Planco Fam get a new family member: me!

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be joining Ed, Bo and the community team here at Frontier.

You're likely to meet me on some streams with Bo very soon, but before that, here's a little window into my world:

What initially drew me to Planet Coaster was the freedom to really create whatever you want – and that's something which I continued to be impressed by, especially in browsing your community creations. I'm consistently surprised at the cool stuff the Planet Coaster community have been creating and I can't wait to be part of that – and share in that!

I figured I'd take this moment to also let you know what I'm currently working on in Planet Coaster: a theme park inspired by the abandoned, Nara Dreamland. The plan is to recreate iconic spots of Nara Dreamland, with double the gaudiness and cheese (not literal cheese, though... that would be pretty amazing!). Oh, and if you have any creations that might work for it, please share them with me!

Outside of Frontier, and in the wider world, I'm a HUGE gamer, avid chocolate-fiend, and while I wouldn't describe myself as an Otaku, always appreciative of anime-related memes.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll try to respond!

Hello Will, welcome aboard.

I see you quickly amended your Job Title, one of the actual 'Devs' get on their High Horse did they [big grin]
Hi Will and welcome aboard. [up]Take care not to become "Spoiler-Will" because Sam wouldn't be happy about that [big grin] Just kidding [big grin] Of course, you can spoil as much as you want [big grin][big grin][big grin]
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Hello and welcome!! (and this is good sign that Frontier isn't gonna abandon Planet Coaster any time soon. YEEEEESSS!!)
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Nice to see you Will, welcome aboard the Frontier Community Team!

I wish you awesome adventures and lots of fun with your new job! See you on the forums & on the livestreams! :)
Hi Will, welcome and Nara Dreamland sounds cool - what a failed park - oh my goodness! Cannot wait to see what you have created, regards G
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