A new Planco family member!

Welcome to the family Will. We have some great people here and you're in great company with a bunch of wonderful, lovely people at Frontier. Hope you love your time here and we look forward to getting to know you.


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Hi coastercad - can you please upload the park instead of the scenery - that park looks amazing, great work, regards G
That explains it then.....'Subscribed', but Park was not showing in my 'Downloads', re-started, all that....thought I was going mad......just the Scenery then [squeeeeee]
Hi Will, family offspring is always good, so welcome aboard. I hope, I can see next week's livestream. I'm curious how you look.
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Will Flanagan

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Hi Will, looking forward to see you on screen. Very good to see to the planco family expanding.

I have an abondoned theme park blueprint, maybe it's useful for your project. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1266427736

Here are some screens:


These creations will definitely be a source of inspiration which I'll draw from for my future builds.
Hi Will, Warmest welcome! *Hugs*

As you're new, you probably won't know... But it's customary for the new team member to release some spoilers, projects, top secret stuff you're working on - that sort of thing.
We look forward to reading the lengthy list and possible leaked screen shots. [up]
Hi will, welcome to this amazing comunity!

Well i guess Bo & Ed is a Lucky persone to be joined by a extra member of the comunity :).

looking forward to see you more on stream ! :D
You have a great support overthere with Bo & Ed by your side !
Coastercad - scrap that last request about loading park to steam - your scenery blueprint is epic - I love it, thanks G
PS didn't realise it was soooo massive.

And Will - great job on your first Workshop Wonderland - and loved the Tee-shirt, you were great too Bo - regards G . . . Cannot wait to see your Nara Dreamland inspired park - that park is curiously brilliant.


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Welcome! [big grin] I hope you've settled in well!

If you happen to see a giant Chief Beef costume around the office, tell it I miss it, please! [haha][haha]
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