A new type of pvp

So i had an idea for us billionaires who might like betting on fights. Arranged AI battles. The idea is simple. 2 players build the best SLF capable ship they can, meet in neutral space and launch the SLF with themselves in the fighter and their crewman in the mothership. The 2 humans simply park their SLFs side by side and get out some popcorn and have their crewmen duel battle bots style. Others are welcome to spectate and throw down canisters of gold on who they think has the better bot.
It's a new kind of PvP, didn't you read the post?

I like this - basically testing your builds.

Set two shield tank Cutters on each other and wait to die of old age!

I read the post yes and while its an interesting idea its more betting that it ever will be any kind of pvp new or not.
Let's call it EvE :)

Also I shudder to think how long this would take - imagine two shield tanks who keep missing shots while endlessly jousting, so shields regenerate more than they suffer in damage. Riveting viewing I'm sure.
You can only call it EvE if a wormhole opens up and a fleet of Trig ships jumps through and blows everyone up
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