General / Off-Topic A painting by Banksy self-destructs

Unfortunately the art world has no sense of humour nor ethics, all Banksy did was add more value to the work. Whoever bought it (although I suspect twas a stunt) is just laughing all the way to the bank.

I hope their not obviously, although I doubt any transaction transpired or its been cancelled by the auctioneer. Bansky I saw was him walk into a gallery and nail his own work to the wall.

Then again Brian Eno did it better me thinks...
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Call me barbaric, but all I care about when comes to art is whether I like it or not.
I don't care about "message", or "meaning".

This is just a stupid stunt, not art.
If I had won that auction, I'd insist that the work was legally mine and would keep it. The idea could be copied in the future, but there's only one "first". "Doubled in value" or not, it wouldn't be for sale.

One of my heirs would be very happy one day. I'd have to choose a "favorite", just to mess with everyone else's heads. Priceless.

Certainly every other work of him has already been inspected for self destruct mechanisms.

I laughed my bottom off when I saw this. Brilliant :D
However, no matter what his intention was I'm pretty sure that in a modern realities of art pricing this piece of rubble at the very least doubled in price.
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